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Gloves Off

Please use this post for discussion of those contentious, murky, triggering issues too complex to discuss/moderate on the main post.

Note that this post is NOT a free-for-all and will still be modded for slurs, namecalling, doxxing and trolling. But fair warning that it will not be moderated for discussion of issues some find triggering (trans issues, mental illness, etc.) and that if you choose to participate here, you do so at your own risk.

Re: Andy's "I was harassed by an Avengers fanboy" story

(Anonymous) 2015-04-17 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
The only times he mentions his almost-but-not-quite trans status are when he needs some quick and strong tactic to detract people's attention from something even worse. Like for example when Jenn revealed that he insisted Amy Player was his RL sister: people were justifiably horrified by that, so presto! He pulled out the trans card. But unless he's pushed into such extreme situations, he never mentions he's trans, and he doesn't want people to remember it.

This is actually what I meant by "all the accommodations", minus the identity itself. He doesn't bring it up all the time, of course. He only does it when it's convenient for him.

For example, he takes advantage of the fact that people are sympathetic to trans people lying about their pasts (as opposed their gender) because they are terrified of the potential backlash should they be exposed. I would also include in that category the fact that he condemns people for "outing" him, and expects people in-the-know to keep his past and previous identification a secret.

I actually agree with everything else you said, though.

Re: Andy's "I was harassed by an Avengers fanboy" story

(Anonymous) 2015-04-17 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
And I in return completely agree that he's being disgustingly manipulative when he acts like you describe it here. He knows that it's considered of paramount importance (for very justified reasons) to protect the right of random, anonymous, "normal" trans people to pretend to be cis if they so wish, to hide parts of their past, and to absolutely never, ever out them, so he claims this as a blanket cover to erase his entire past.

Only thing is: Andy Blake is no random, anonymous and certainly not *normal* trans person. In particular, Andy Blake never was in the closet to begin with. He transitioned *very* publicly. If anything, he's possibly better known (as in, more infamous) under his female birth name or his Victoria Bitter female net name, than under any other name!