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Gloves Off

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Re: Andy's "I was harassed by an Avengers fanboy" story

(Anonymous) 2015-07-01 04:47 am (UTC)(link)
>>but it seems like Andy targets the women of particular body type, either because he's actually attracted to them, or because he figures that a lot of them have low self-esteem and instead of working to raise it, he makes them believe that only he can make them feel special and loved.<<

+ a sextillion. Totally this. If he likes this particular body type, no big whoop & no reason for shame; plenty of men (even thin men, WOW!) like the plus-size ladies. Some like them even larger. I'm a pretty regular-size gal--well, now that I'm in my fifth decade I fall into the "overweight" category at the dr's office--but my hubby & I swing and I can honestly say we've seen beautiful women of all sizes (and this may be TMI, but one of the best lovers I ever had was a 300+ lb guy from Fresno. Yes, you can giggle at the thought.) But seriously, every day, pretty much anywhere you go, you see thinner women w. big men or big gals w. thinner men. Nobody points or laughs, at least in my experience. Who really cares?

Oh, but Andy *really* cares. He can't, f'rinstance, make the Wal-Mart lady a desperate skinny meth-head w. bad teeth...which he'd be just as likely to encounter. He can't make the Avengers fanboy a reasonably good-looking fellow who talks a good game. I've met a few of those. (Maybe reminds him too much of someone? Tho for the record I don't find Andy in the least attractive, even if I were judging him solely by looks.) Nah, they both have to be fat, uncouth, and so utterly ridiculous that even reading them as fiction we say, "Oh puhr-leeze--"

These stories serve a purpose beyond, in the Wal-Mart one, "Alas, pity me, can't say no to someone's whose hurting even if they're FAT and unhygienic!" & in the fanboy one, "Oh girls, I feel your pain, I will rescue you from these FAT JERKS and change the world w. my mighty Tumblr!" Probably someone smarter than me has already pointed this out, but I think they have a more sinister secondary purpose: They're essentially veiled warnings to his followers. He could be saying:

a) I love you in spite of your disgusting looks, but you'd be sooo much better if you shaped up,and maybe *then* we could be romantic (but that will never happen, b/c then I won't be able to use you the way I do currently);

b) Plus-sized people are naturally unattractive, but not you...till I decide you're not. (Or I run out of uses for you);

c) Small men/women can't be unhygienic or ridiculous liars like the Avengers fanboy, right? (RIGHT??? RIGHT???)

Might be reading too much into it, but I put nothing past Than, even subconsciously. Frankly, as another nonny said, these stories make me want to run a hot bath and add Clorox.