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Gloves Off

Please use this post for discussion of those contentious, murky, triggering issues too complex to discuss/moderate on the main post.

Note that this post is NOT a free-for-all and will still be modded for slurs, namecalling, doxxing and trolling. But fair warning that it will not be moderated for discussion of issues some find triggering (trans issues, mental illness, etc.) and that if you choose to participate here, you do so at your own risk.
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Continued: Re: Andy wanting to make out with his underage followers

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I feel I should ask for a pony.

Andy's "I was harassed by an Avengers fanboy" story

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Posting here just to be safe.

In response to this thread: about this post of Andy's:

The whole post is just one bullshitty lie after another, but I found this part particularly disingenous:

I can’t understand really what it is to have to calculate everything you do by that paradigm. But even that little glimpse was incredibly eye-opening, and made it all so much more real.

And I’m sorry. As a guy, I’m so sorry that you have to exist in that reality, and I’ll try to do everything I can to change it.

Really, Andy? I don't care how he identifies. But this is just plain untrue, and calls his motives here (get notes and attention, lbr) into question. Andy knows exactly what it feels like to be perceived as a girl, and everything that goes along with that perceived identity. He presented as one for twenty years.

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Someone may have made this connection already, but I just noticed it. In the second (?) eulogy for Brittany, he uses "supposed to" as the title and constant refrain of the post. In the video of Brittany that was linked in the other thread (posting this here because there were people who objected, though the thread hasn't been moved), she keeps talking about what she's "meant to do." It's a minor point, but it does underscore the way he uses the same hooks both in manipulating the people under his influence and in writing about them.

Eulogy text:

Peter Pandy

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I'm doing this here because the content is hard to address without mentioning that Andy is trans. In this comment from the Pit ( Andy says " I stopped growing at about fifteen – xrays show that the growth plates in my wrists still aren’t even closed – as if my body knew its limits and was trying to preserve itself."

This seems unnecessary to back up the heart defect lie, so what purpose is it serving? Is it just to make him seem special? Is it supposed to explain his slim, gracile appearance? Is it, by random chance, true?

Creating Reality

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OK let me see if I get this straight.

Andy can only write when he is using someone else's universe? He cannot come up with something of his own?

But when he is writing in X universe, he's the bestest writer on the planet and knows things that the creator of the universe didn't know? Or he will change things that others point that the creator has gone on record of not wanting and inform his readers that he knows better than the creator?

Has he had an original thought/concept in his life? Or is everything and anything he has done reflected glory?

Kind of sad if the latter.
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Continued: ADHD is now ADD, "a form of schizophrenia" is now paranoid schizophrenia, +PTSD, -dyscalc

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Continued discussion about contacting police re: crime scene pix

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what DO we know?

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What do we know for a fact was a lie about Brittany?

While this is in the gloves off post let me clarify that I'm not looking to speculate about her or other parts of her life. People can feel free to start those threads of they want. I'm specifically interested in getting a list in one place of the lies he's told that we know of.

Meg answers anon asks

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Personally I think Meg should just be off topic so she doesn't have an excuse to post pro Andy stuff.

We get it, Andy and friends F5 like crazy anything mentioning him because all attention is good.

family than

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One of the things I'm most curious about, but reluctant to bring up, is his parents. Abbey and Megan's and Jenn all say they're really nice people, but that's so at odds with the picture Andy paints. I don't mean the obvious lies like Cierra the Child Prostitute, I mean the stuff like making him sleep in a spider infested outbuilding first when he went home even though he claimed to be phobic. Or making him stay in his room rather than upset his supposedly intolerant sister. Is ANY of that true, and if it's not, why does he continue telling these stories about the parents he's supposedly so close to?

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Nice having my all comments on here twisted to "silencing victims" by Teablogger, good grief.

Take more comments out of context why don't you.

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This has gotten bizarre really fast.

If TB is really getting the anons she says she is, then whoever is sending them needs to chill the fuck out immediately.

TB is hardly abusive, either. I wish people stop throwing that word at everyone who disagrees with them or is rude in a moment of anger.

His mom, the horse thief?

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I figured this question should go in GO instead of the main post since it's about his mom.

I remember ages ago I think in one of turimel's blog posts that Andy's mother is a horse thief? It was part of a longer description of Andy but seemed to imply he came from a line of dishonest people. I was never to find any information about it. The only thing that comes up when you google his mother's name is a statue she made and some other art. Does anyone know what I'm referencing and whether or not she actually stole a horse?

academic success

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So Andy aced his math class. YMMV, but I always feel slightly hopeful at every sign he's inching towards adulthood.

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I feel like I'm the one AA watcher who doesn't think him going to college is good idea.

I mean he's 31, and will be surrounded by 17-19 year olds who are just away from home for the first time, trying to fit in.

It just seems like tumblr irl but there will be nothing in writing to tie back to him. :/

So what would it take?

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I am posting this in gloves off because I think this might get a little hot but it has been rattling around in my brain because I just got an apology letter from an ex-friend who finally faced up and is dealing with a rather serious drug problem that stopped us from being friends.

What would it take for Andy to be left alone with his life and not have his past constantly being brought up with detrimental consequences for him?

If not here then where?

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I think Thatfucker is rabbiting fast away from Supernatural fandom.

He has killed his Harry Potter mega-tome-of-doom.

His Marvel overtures were rebuffed or lost in the signal to noise problem of Tumblr.

Teen Wolf pretty much went "ooh ICKY" when he tried there.

Welcome to Nightvale fracking laughed at him.

So now where? Where do you think he will find his next 'bestest fandom evar'?

What fandom do you think he will find easy prey?

Or is he too old and skeevy now heading for neckbeard status?

Teablogger's Timeline Part 4

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I'm posting this here rather than in the main thread because it involves Brittany, but the whole thing is so enraging.

The distribution of duties for the planned NZ is ridiculous. Brittany was in charge of everything from getting Andy's airfare donated to packing his toothbrush and back-up glasses (not an exaggeration). Meanwhile, he was writing press materials and making lists for other people to fill.

Self-Loathing as an Art Form

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OK I have now read through a lot of this from both Andy and the people he has hurt both physically and emotionally.

I am going to say that he doesn't care about anyone but himself and it is proven out again and again by how he phrases things and presents things.

Why in gloves off you ask?

Because one thing that I keep seeing is even though he is in it for himself, he doesn't like himself very much or rather the person he was born as. He has change his gender because he didn't like the gender he was born with and there is self loathing in how he sees women in general. He changed his name several times and with it his entire life to make it more palatable to him. He makes up elaborate fantasies of being anything or anyone but who he is.

Might do him some good to try to live within the now but I don't think by this point he can.

He has been living the self created lies so long that he doesn't know any other way to exist.

Fundraising shenanigans, continued from main page

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