Someone wrote in [community profile] tf_talk 2015-04-09 05:06 am (UTC)

Andy & the Confederacy

Abbey replied to an ask about Andy's Confederate sympathies:

"kumquatwriter said:
I’ve no idea if it is legit. I do know that he used the “second civil war” as a major point when he was flooding me with Others not long before I escaped. He claimed that most of the factories that produce things like tractors and cigarettes could easily be switched over to produce tanks and bullets.

I don’t even know if factories like that exist in The South.

A bunch of his neo-X-men-from-1944 were direct decedents of major Confederate historical figures. There was a Lee, a Pickett, a Stuart and a Hill off the top of my head, and lots of others. He was super into the storyline."

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