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The Pit

For all your Andy-related info-dumping needs. If there's information you'd like to archive, please post it here, and feel free to link to it from the main post if you'd like to discuss it.

Andy and Shakespear both wrote fanfic, therefore they are both "content creators"

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ffs you are not a "content creator" you wrote a HP AU gtf over yourself.

Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss are writing an Arthur Conan Doyle AU fanfic. Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer write Eric Kripke fanfic. Gregory Maguire wrote a Frank L. Baum fanfic…which Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman wrote ANOTHER fanfic of. Stephen Moffat and Russell T. Davies write fanfic of Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber, and Donald Wilson. J. J. Abrams does Gene Roddenberry fanfic. Joss Whedon does Stan Lee fanfic. Rogers and Hammerstein did Shakespeare fanfic, and Shakespeare did Ovid fanfic and Ovid did Homer fanfic and Homer did Greek mythology fanfic and Greek mythology did Mesopotamian fanfic and Mesopotamia did Mark Sheppard and Amanda Tapping fanfic.

And the Daydverse is almost twice as long, has a lot more creator-generated side content, and definitely tells a better love story than Twilight…but Stephanie Meyer is still considered a content creator, even as she writes combination Anne Rice and Joseph Smith fanfic.

So other than me giving my Rowling spinoff to you without getting paid for it, please elucidate the distinction you are attempting to draw that denies me the right to call myself a content creator.

Andy and Shakespear both wrote fanfic, part II

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— (You know, like those hack losers Shakespeare, Tennyson, Milton, Dante, Virgil, and Homer did)

– Another thing I’m making into a t-shirt

Andy is a weaver of word magic who can sell you realties

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I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You

Sometimes, it makes me cry that I’m American. Not like, curl up in a ball and snivel cry, but the subset of rage that grabs its own blade and draws tears in chokes and hisses where the helplessness cuts in. I love America. It’s a beautiful, breathtaking, extraordinary country full of an amazing diversity of people and land and culture and I could explore its depths and breadths giddily for the rest of my life and for all that we have done so wrong, we have just as much to be proud of. I love America, I love Americans. I hate the Mammonistic oligarchs who determine our worth and make us the only developed nation that must pay to bleed.

The irony is that I could be so good for them. I’ve got so fucking much I could give to society, to an employer. I’m beyond smart, I’m hard-working, I’m charismatic, I am a weaver of word-magic to a degree that verges on dangerous in my understanding of exactly what I’m doing as a storyteller and rhetorician. I can get inside people’s heads. I can sell you realities. Add to that, I’m a not half-bad artist, I can cook anything, am a pretty fucking good leader, and I learn, absorb, cross-reference, and retain information at a speed that is damned near inhuman. I could be so good at so many jobs that are so difficult and I would love them and I would shine, I know it.

And it doesn’t fucking matter.

Because when I’m not on meds, I stay off the grid and live hand to mouth because the government agents are watching me and if they find me they’ll carry me off to a secret lab and dissect my brain, and if I have to I sleep on the street or on a series of couches or in a car that is about to be repossessed and I beg my friends to let me die if something happens rather than take me to a hospital where THEY could get me.

And the only way to get meds is to get a job with good health insurance. Which they don’t give to people my age who have been living off the grid and have a history of menial work that they keep quitting after a few months because the paranoia gets to them or they feel they’re being Called somewhere else. At best, I can get something that is absolute minimum wage bottom rung, and after I pay for the premiums and the copays, leaves me so nothing that if I wasn’t living with my parents, I’d be back on the streets anyway (which would mean, and has meant in the past, losing my job and my meds again). Like, I wind up taking home less than $3/hr after taxes and medical. And no one will give me full time hours because by the things corporations that give health insurance count, I’m worthless.

So I work like a dog at stuff that is so fucking below my capabilities that it makes me want to scream and I know it’s getting me absolutely nowhere and that while it might keep me in meds, it’s also so physically exhausting and emotionally soul-crushing that I can’t do anything with my more functional state. And to put a scoop of irony on this shit sundae, I HAD A CHANCE TO GET OUT! There was an offer - the first real one I’ve ever had - to get a job that might pay decently and that would actually use my honest to God skills and not be work any grunt could do - and I’m on restricted meds.

Know what that means? It means less paranoia, but the monster’s still there whispergrowling in the corner. It means I’m not hiding from the black helicopters, but give me something important, something that matters, something where I can’t say “suck it up, Blake, it’s just a TV show fandom” (like this chance at a good job for once, despite my past, like the Daydverse I love so much, like staying in touch with some of the people I care about most, like some of the commissions I’ve been given, like trying to write something That Matters) …and I shut down. I go into a full paranoid fit and become convinced of all manner of stupid bullshit. That other job offer is sitting in my inbox unanswered and weeks old and I literally get hives just thinking about it. I only got this job because I didn’t even fucking care about it because I knew I could do it in my sleep.

And I watch my chances laugh at me and sneer and disappear and throw me back in this hamster ball where I can watch the world go by but never get anywhere. And so I go work a minimum wage job and watch people drop a fifty on lunch without blinking while wearing $6,000 worth of Brooks Brothers and carrying a brand new iPhone and having a conversation where I have to bite the inside of my mouth until it bleeds because I could answer the thing they’re claiming is unsolvable and say it so much better than they are in the first place.

Because medical care is for people with good jobs.

And good jobs are for well people.

And I just want to scream at the world that I could be valuable too, damnit, I have all the things you say you want…but then the one chance I had when the world finally turned to me and said “ok, prove it,” I curled up and ran away.

Because I’m worthless without the treatment I can’t have because I’m worthless without the treatment. God Bless America.

Tagged: health care, mental health, rant, personal, don't mind me I'm going to bed anyway I have work in six hours, do you have any idea how much will power it has been taking me not to seek out and seduce a damned Canadian so I can matter in life?.

Re: Andy is a weaver of word magic who can sell you realties

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"I am a weaver of word-magic to a degree that verges on dangerous in my understanding of exactly what I’m doing as a storyteller and rhetorician. I can get inside people’s heads. I can sell you realities."

I should not have read this at work. I had to step outside for a minute and get all the laughing out. You're a bullshit artist Andy, not a "weaver of word-magic." Jesus Christ.

Andy claims to have a "very high genius level" & an IQ of over 150

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>I really, really do not believe that you have a genius level IQ. Wouldn't we have heard about you?

The mid to high 150s (depending on which test you use) puts me in the top 0.01%, or 1:10,000, and well above the MENSA threshhold of a 130 IQ (aka the 98th percentile or 1:50). Given an approximate global population of 7,126,146,000, that means 712,615 (just under the population of Alaska) people at my very high genius level and approximately 142,522,920 (about a million less than the population of Russia) certifiable geniuses.

How many of them do you know by name?

Re: Andy claims to have a "very high genius level" & an IQ of over 150

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And this is why I find Andy so fascinating. He's like a perpetual motion lying machine-the lies never end, even about minor things. Most people will lie for some actual reason--fear of damaging a relationship, telling the truth will negatively impact their career, they don't want to cause harm to someone they care about--that sort of thing. Andy though, lies like other people breathe; it seems almost like a reflex. I'm sure he's told the truth about something, at some time--he couldn't possibly lie about everything. For example, I believe he does actually live in Virginia with his parents as this has been verified by other people. But outside of that, I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He could say that the sky is blue and while I know this to be true, the fact that he said it would lead to a faint impulse to check and see if it were true.

Andy admits to threatening & physical abusing others

(Anonymous) 2015-04-27 07:15 am (UTC)(link)

I don't really think you're in a position to lecture about abusive relationships considering your role of BEING the abuser in your past relationships!

Actually, a big part of why I’m qualified is that as I’ve been on both sides of the abuse equation and learned about how complicated and messy it can be…that it’s not at all just the stereotype of big nasty man comes home, drinks too much, punches poor cowering woman, and tells her she’s a bitch who burned dinner because he’s an asshole.

In my case, mental illness that gave me a severely distorted view of reality inclusive of both paranoia and delusions lead me to engage in behaviors that I didn’t see as abusive, (in fact, I often thought I was just doing what was necessary to keep the other person safe) but were…partially through ignorance of what was and wasn’t abuse, and partially because of the complete inaccuracy of my starting position. I mean, I have literally thrown someone down and held their face in the dirt and scared the shit out of them and told them that if they didn’t obey my every word I would slap them stupid or they would straight up die because we were being watched by powerful supernatural beings who were trying to hunt and kill us. If that’s true, you’re a hero. If it’s not, you’re a mentally ill abuser. It wasn’t true.

At the same time, I also was ignorant of people being abusive towards me, because I had a similar set of misconceptions that “well, I’m not being hit or demeaned,“ and “yes, but if I don’t put up with them, they’ll turn me over to the government forces that want to whisk me away to a secret facility and do tests on my brain.” (Seriously, that was a persistent key paranoia for me).

Part of monitoring my mental health for the sake of the current and future safety of myself and others has been being educated about abuse quite extensively, as well as learning to stringently examine both my behavior and reality-perspective and that of others. I constantly check and double check what is real, what is reasonable, what is rational, what is purely emotional, what is plausible risk, etc. It’s one of the skill sets that’s been very useful, actually, in my overall meta and evaluation of media, as well as of life.

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Why do so many people who have known u describe u as “manipulative“ and “emotionally abusive“? What do u think of their doing so? -Anonymous

As I have said before, I struggled my entire adult life and some of my adolescence with severe mental illness including paranoid delusional schizophrenia that was undiagnosed and untreated until very recently. This caused some very unhealthy relationships, including ones in which yes, as I have frequently admitted, I did act in manners that were manipulative and emotionally abusive on an objective level. However, most of the people who were involved in those relationships have not known me for years, and have not even spoken to me since I was treated. And while yes, I have taken responsibility for that and understand and accept why they are fairly hurt and angry, it is not “making excuses” to say that having acted in fashions that were objectively abusive while delusional is not the same as being an abusive personality or person, nor that I would ever do so while medicated. I’ve used the analogy before, but it’s extremely apt: Killing two random teenagers in a convenience store is not morally, ethically, or in terms of making judgments about a person and their likely future behavior anywhere near the same act as killing two teenagers who appear to be demons, even though objectively it still ends in two ganked kids.

Teablogger's timeline, part 1

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Andy Blake: A Timeline (Part I)

This started out as a supplement to “On Andy and Violence” and quickly got away from me. The timeline covers the major events that I am aware of regarding each of the usernames and pseudonyms that Andy has used over the years. I’m leaving out a couple of brief relationships and a lot of sexuality/gender-related wank because this is not about gender or sexuality, for fuck’s sake. I will use the preferred pronouns that pertain to whichever of Andy’s aliases I am discussing at the time.

Andy’s participation in the Sharpe fandom is mostly absent because I don’t have access to the archives that I need. All I have to go on is fanfiction, which is not terribly helpful.

This portion of the timeline covers 1998-2001.

Date Unknown
Sometime between July and November, Amy Player, using the e-mail address, shares her first Sharpe fic on the Sharpe Yahoo! group. She says that she is 15 years old and lives in a “small rural part of America” without access to a library: she must wait several months for the bookmobile to bring the Sharpe books to her. Amy directly addresses Bernard Cornwell, author of the novels, in the introductory note to her fic.

September 29
Strwriter makes her first post on alt.startrek.creative. Some members of the Star Trek: Voyager and Due South fandoms will eventually get to know Strwriter as Amy Player.

Strwriter says that she is 15 years old; a college student holding down at least two jobs; and a professional actress, singer, and dancer with a national touring company. She uses the e-mail address Strwriter writes fanfiction, does fanart, and enjoys running fanfiction contests.

November 13
Voyagerbabe makes her first post on alt.startrek.creative. Some members of the Star Trek: Voyager and Due South fandoms will eventually get to know Voyagerbabe as Ciyarra Tallaver.

Voyagerbabe claims to be an 18-year-old college student and a victim of childhood sexual abuse. She and Strwriter say that they are best friends and coworkers. In March 1999, Voyagerbabe tells alt.startrek.creative that between the two of them, they have three majors and five jobs. Voyagerbabe uses the e-mail addresses and and the AIM username VBabe47. Voyagerbabe writes fanfiction and helps Strwriter maintain her website and run fanfiction contests.

May 5
Voyagerbabe introduces Strwriter to

Periodically throughout 1998-1999, Strwriter and Voyagerbabe each make posts on Usenet and Yahoo! groups for Star Trek: Voyager and Due South about the “identity crisis” between the two of them. In 1998, they claim that they are both using Strwriter’s computer to read and post to Usenet groups because Voyagerbabe doesn’t have a home computer and can’t access newsgroups at the library. In April 1999, Voyagerbabe says that she finally has her own computer. Occasionally one or the other will somehow lose internet access, so they still post on each other’s behalf.

End of July
Both Strwriter and Voyagerbabe are effectively done participating in Star Trek fandom.

October 20
Someone claiming to be Amy’s mother, Cyd, posts to using the same address that Strwriter uses. There is no way to be certain as to who this really was.

August 30
Strwriter bows out of online fandom altogether, allegedly having been forbidden by her parents to use the internet for non-academic purposes.

Voyagerbabe continues to participate in Due South fandom via Usenet and Yahoo! groups.

Voyagerbabe’s participation in Due South fandom gradually declines throughout the year. She begins going by VBabe and the initials VB.

March 14
VB announces to Ride Forever, a Due South Yahoo! group, that she is engaged. Her alleged fiancé is a real person and his name will not be mentioned here. (This is the guy who became known as “Some Ozzie Bloke” during the BoE era, though I’m almost certain that he never wrote any of the posts that were attributed to him in that group.)

May 1
VB informs Ride Forever that she has miraculously learned to draw over the course of a single evening spent with a book, so now she can contribute fanart as well as fic. Someone else in the thread points out that she’d previously posted her own good quality fanart to the list–oops!

June 3
Victoria Bitter posts for the first time to hhfic, a Horatio Hornblower Yahoo! group. She says that she is a twenty-year-old waitress and theme park portrait artist (with a birthday of 24 September), that she has been a living history interpreter for ten years, that she travels internationally for her work as an actress, and that she was born in London, England. Victoria Bitter was active at least a little before this point, but since the A&E boards for HH have long since been taken down, I can’t pinpoint her first appearance more accurately than this. She continues to use the e-mail address

September 24
VB makes her last post in the Due South Yahoo! group Ride Forever (cross-posted to hhfic and probably other groups that I haven’t spotted yet). The post is about an “unknown person” who has allegedly hijacked her AIM account, VBabe47.

December 27
On hhfic, Victoria Bitter briefly joins in a discussion of names found in The Lord of the Rings, Hornblower, and the works of C. S. Lewis. This is her last post to that group and her last participation in HH fandom of which I am aware.

Teablogger's timeline, part 2

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Andy Blake: A Timeline (Part II)

This timeline covers the major events that I am aware of regarding each of the usernames and pseudonyms that Andy has used over the years. I’m leaving out a couple of brief relationships and a lot of sexuality/gender-related wank because this is not about gender or sexuality, for fuck’s sake. I will use the preferred pronouns that pertain to whichever of Andy’s aliases I am discussing at the time.

I should also note that I’m excluding nearly everything that happened on Bit of Earth’s Prancing Pony message board, which went down with Tentmoot, because I was never a member and thus do not have any of that material.

Finally, I’ve only briefly mentioned events like Hall of Fire and Lost Palantir because most of the information currently available on them is in Turimel’s book and I don’t feel like going through it all over again. While the book contains a lot of useful documentary evidence (canceled checks, letters and e-mails, et al.) and info on who specifically ran around and did what to prepare for BoE events, it also contains a great deal of venomous editorializing. Plus all the transfail, which I can sometimes handle wading through, but not today.

(Part I)

Part II of the timeline covers 2002 - March 2007.

January 4
Victoria Bitter, still using the e-mail address and the AIM (and now Yahoo!) username VBabe47, starts the Bit of Earth Yahoo! group (henceforth known as BoE). That same day, she e-mails the webmaster of Sean Astin’s official website to let them know about the group and encourage Sean to get involved.

This version of Victoria Bitter says that she is a twenty-one-year-old college student born in Sheffield, England who is engaged to the previously mentioned Ozzie Bloke.

January 8-9
“Chris”, the Marine that VB supposedly met at a showing of The Fellowship of the Ring, posts twice to BoE. Chris uses the Yahoo! handle Rennie Gade and the e-mail address I’ve already discussed why I think this is actually Victoria Bitter.

February 12
“Some Ozzie Bloke” allegedly posts to BoE under Victoria Bitter’s name because she has an eye infection and can’t see well enough to type. He says that he is reading her e-mail and posting fic and art for her, in addition to recording all of her lectures for school. When she has to go to the hospital, he brings her laptop along so that he can continue reading aloud to her (fanfiction, email, and messages on BoE) and communicating on her behalf. All of this leads up to someone getting one of VB’s sketches signed for her by Sean Astin. This is probably VB herself looking for attention. Mysterious medical ailments, friends and SOs who read messages/e-mails/fic and liveblog the illness, and extremely odd behavior in hospitals are by now well-known hallmarks of Münchausen by Internet.

February 17
Victoria Bitter starts a LiveJournal account. Her profile lists the AIM username VBabe47. In a meme, she acknowledges that her legal name is Amy Player. This establishes the first definitive link between Amy Player and Voyagerbabe/VB, but no one realizes the significance at the time.

Sometime between February and April, VB reveals her Amazing Channeling Powers to Abbey over chat. She mentions wanting to “reach out” to LotR cast members, specifically Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood.

April 5-7
VB attends Connexions, where she meets many fellow fans and LJ friends and begins a brief romantic relationship with Versaphile. VB speaks with a fake British accent. The less said about Connexions, the better, probably.

April 19
The Great Hobbit Brain-Dump, in which VB claims to receive Merry’s soul and his lifetime of memories. “Merry” chronicles his experiences in the brandagamba LiveJournal and teaches people pseudo-Westron via chat.

May 8
VB writes that she has officially ended her relationship with Versaphile.

June 2
Victoria Bitter flies to Oregon for a week-long visit with Abbey, during which she channels LotR characters in person.

Late August or early September
Abbey flies to Virginia to visit VB.

September 7
In response to the drama surrounding MsAllegro’s Domlijah tinhattery (just Google it if you’re curious), VB has Abbey post a stern message to BoE on her behalf, due to “computer problems”.

September 11
Victoria Bitter approaches Sean Astin at a 9/11 memorial event in NYC and asks him to participate in a community service project. Later that day, she announces Project Elanor on BoE. She is now using the e-mail address

VB moves in with Abbey. Diamond, Shopping Cart Bob, and Little Sam eventually join them. (The group will henceforth be referred to as The BagEnders because that’s what they called themselves.) VB starts building the cult in earnest.

November 3
Victoria Bitter makes her final post to BoE and to her LiveJournal and withdraws from online fandom.

This is about the point at which the “Jordan Wood” alias first comes to light. He tells Abbey that he has taken on the “duplicate soul” of Elijah Wood. Sometimes he claims that Elijah’s split soul didn’t want to go back to his body; at other times, he says that it simply couldn’t. He tells some other people (eventually to include Turimel) that he is Elijah Wood’s cousin. Both stories are kept secret for a while. Abbey and Jordan start telling people that Victoria Bitter is dead.

Jordan starts writing as “Elijah” on LiveJournal as PadawanS (short for Padawan Sidious). Despite several posts that Strwriter and Voyagerbabe made between 1998-2001 regarding “their” distaste for homosexuality and slash, and despite VB’s aggressive response to MsAllegro’s Domlijah tinhatting, Jordan/“Elijah” engages in quite a bit of the same behavior on LJ,, and message boards on other sites. He uses claims of insider knowledge regarding the LotR cast and the film industry to make it all sound more plausible.

Jordan also alleges that Elijah’s “abusive” family is involved with the IRA and wants to drag him into it as well. This represents just a fraction of the lies that Jordan tells about himself, Elijah Wood, and other LotR cast members. Over the next thirteen months, he will do a great deal of damage that changes the way that New Line Cinema and many of the actors involved in LotR deal with fans and fandom.

November 30
Mr. Frodo makes his first post to BoE, announcing the Line Party at Lloyd Cinema in Portland, OR for the release of The Two Towers. He identifies himself as Bit of Earth’s Public Relations Director and uses the e-mail address He also had a misterfrodo LiveJournal, but like padawans, it has long since been purged.

December 18
The Line Party takes place. Jordan Wood/Mr. Frodo runs the event with Abbey. They dress as Sam and Frodo, with Jordan’s hair glued to their feet–they tell people that it’s from their friend who recently died. The event goes very well and everyone is excited to plan another event.

January 13
Mr. Frodo posts to BoE to warn members that someone is posing online as Victoria Bitter. He now calls himself BoE’s Assistant Director.

January 31
Mr. Frodo makes his last post to the BoE Yahoo! group, congratulating Sean Astin on his appointment to a Presidential Council.

February 20
BoE’s website message board, The Prancing Pony, is redirected to one of Versaphile’s LJ entries, which presents photographic evidence that Jordan Wood and Victoria Bitter are the same person. Jordan is able to sweep it under the rug pretty quickly by blaming a “bitter ex”.

April 6
Project Elanor takes place with Sean Astin and his family in attendance. Again, Jordan and Abbey run the event together. Project Elanor does not go entirely according to plan and the money that people thought would go to RIF goes to pay for supplies…but the group does create a lovely reading garden that still exists today.

July 25-27
BoE’s Hall of Fire Summer Music Festival is pretty much a failure. This seems to be mostly Jordan’s fault due to poor planning, procrastination on a grand scale, and delegating tasks without giving anyone adequate resources or the power to make real decisions.

The BagEnders move from Milwaukie to Salem, OR with help from Turimel.

September 20
BoE’s Lost Palantir Film Festival goes on, featuring a video appearance by Sean Astin, although the festival is not very much like it was supposed to be.

October 1
Jordan tries to obtain an Oregon driver’s license and a Social Security card under the name “Jordan Gabriel Wood”, using an obviously fake “Certificate of Naming” from a nonexistent pagan commune in Estacada. It doesn’t work. Later, he will try this again with a falsified birth certificate based on Abbey’s real one. That doesn’t work, either.

October 3
Jordan sends the Amy Player pseuicide letter to his parents on the same day that the BagEnders move to San Dimas, CA. Turimel assists again by cosigning a loan with Diamond.

October 10
A detective knocks on Turimel’s door looking for Amy Player, who he insists is the same person as Jordan Wood. Everything goes rapidly downhill from here.

October 21
Abbey sends an e-mail (presumably dictated by Jordan) to Amy’s parents and CC’d to Turimel, stating that Jordan Wood (BoE’s Director of Celebrity Relations) is not their daughter and that Amy has attempted to steal his identity. The e-mail also accuses Shopping Cart Bob of attempting to blackmail Jordan and other members of BoE.

Jordan spends the next month and a half being evasive about TentMoot preparations and his identity with Turimel, the police, and everyone. I am really sorry, but I am not going to keep digging through that book to get more solid dates on this. I’ve already had to reread more of it than I wanted to do. Just know that a lot of actors, artists, consultants, and crew from LotR, not to mention their agents and PR people, are put through the wringer over this, as are the BoE volunteers who are trying to help. During and after the whole fiasco, Jordan also says a lot of terribly insulting, disgusting, sometimes libellous things about these same people via e-mail and on message boards.

December 9
TentMoot fails epically. Jordan commits pseuicide in front of Abbey, Diamond, and Little Sam. Two days later, Jed Brophy, Paul Randall, and Brian Sergent arrive at LAX for TentMoot. Lawrence Makoare never gets out of New Zealand. Andy sabotages the BagEnders’ apartment and blames Turimel and Shopping Cart Bob for everything. Little Sam’s parents take her home soon after.

December 15
Jordan is arrested in Portland and detained for questioning by the Marion County, OR Sheriff’s Department re: identity theft. He is released the same day. No criminal charges are ever filed. Abbey and Jordan end up paying a fine and being forbidden to solicit money for charity in the state of Oregon.

January 2004 - January 2007
A lot happens offline over the course of three years. Abbey and Diamond have both written about it. To sum up: Jordan/“Elijah Wood” has “died” and the “new core” says that he’s Orlando Bloom because of course he fucking is. Recall that VB had told Abbey in 2002, during the same chat in which they discussed psychically “reaching” Elijah Wood, that Orlando Bloom would be another good channeling candidate. “Orlando” goes by Andy.

Turimel publishes her book. Abbey and Andy begin working as costumed characters in Hollywood. Diamond eventually gets out of the cult. Abbey continues to live under Andy’s thumb as he goes on channeling more and more “Others”. He moves on from LotR to The Chronicles of Narnia (starting with Peter Pevensie/Blakewell) and ends up “bringing through” a large cast of teenage WWII-era soldiers with abusive backgrounds. He legally changes his name to Andrew Michael Blake. And then…

Early February
Having concocted a “plan” to move to Toronto under false pretenses, Andy and Abbey fly from LA to Buffalo via Atlanta with their bird, Boo (AKA “his son, a sparrow”). They try to walk across the border to Canada. It doesn’t work. Andy throws an incredible tantrum and the border guards let them sleep in their office. Abbey’s mother comes to the rescue the next day.

February - March
Operation Catch and Release. Abbey’s mother is beyond amazing.

March 4
Andy posts the first of many fauxpologies on the amy_player LiveJournal. No one is buying it. He explicitly admits to being both Strwriter and Voyagerbabe, but makes no mention of the name Andrew Blake.

Not long after this, Abbey and her mother fly back to Virginia. Abbey breaks things off with Andy. She takes Boo and leaves. Andy throws another gigantic tantrum and continues to harass her with letters for about a year afterward.

Teablogger's timeline, part 3 - I

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Teablogger's timeline, part 3 - II

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Re: Teablogger's timeline, part 4 I

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Re: Teablogger's timeline, part 4 II

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From 5/6/2015 in regards to Weadon apparently

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If you are going to be cruel to another real live human being because they disagree with your opinion of what fictional character should be in a fictional relationship with what other fictional character, you need to stop immediately and consider what in your life brought you to this fucked up place for which there is no excuse.

Viva La Cosplay 2x01 transcript

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[Establishing shots of Williamsburg.]

Narrator: In Williamsburg, Virginia, one extremely talented and detail-driven cosplayer, Andrew Blake, is happy to join the team.

[Shot of Andy’s upper chest and head. He is indoors. No background is visible except the wall. The camera is positioned below his head, probably sitting on a table. Various video clips and stills are shown of costumes as he talks about them.]

Andy: Hi there. My name is Andrew. I’m one of the new members of Viva La Cosplay, and I’ve got to admit, that was a surprise. When I first met the Viva La Cosplay people at Virginia Comic Con back in November, I thought, you know, hey, this is fun, this seems like something I would like to audition for, something that I could try. Then as I got more into the cosplay community, and I started seeing more of the things that they were doing, I was just blown away, and it was so far above and beyond anything that I was making, I thought, no, no, this is—this is crazy. I don’t do armor; I don’t do Worbla; I didn’t even at that point have a sewing machine. I made all of my costumes by hand. So I thought, not a chance in hell.

But Katie and Matt and several of the others were just really encouraging, and I wound up winning the costume contest at the November Comic Con with my Mad Hatter, and then I went back in February with a bunch of costumes I made for my friends, and the transforming Katniss dress won again, and so did the one that—the costume that I made for this awesome little guy named Jacob Walker, who’s an amazing little boy with a very, very rare form of dwarfism, and that was Tyrion Lannister. And now I’m working at the costume shop at Busch Gardens, and I’ve changed my major, and it’s—it’s kinda changed my life. I’ve met some incredible, talented, and supportive people. I’m learning so much. And I think that there may be something here.

I’ve still got so, so much to learn. I still have so far to go. But I made some great friends at Katsucon. I’ve made some great friends with the Viva La Cosplay people. I’ve made some amazing friends in a group of Game of Thrones cosplayers called the Throne Bros. I’m going to be working both with the people I met at Katsucon and with the Throne Bros again at Otakon and at Dragoncon and at next year’s Katsucon, and now I’ve just got all these cons on my slate, and it’s kind of exploding in a very, very cool way. I haven’t announced it on my Facebook page yet because I want to surprise the Throne Bros. At Awesome Con, when I was Viserys, I spent most of Friday hanging out with a really cool Daenerys, Ashley, and she and I are going to do brother and sister again at Otakon, again as Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen, and we’re going to do Dragoncon, and this time she’s going to be Margaery, and I’m going to be Loras Tyrell. Because one of my little niche specialties is hand embroidery that I did on Viserys and I did on the Mad Hatter and a couple other places, people think that I’m going to be doing Loras Tyrell’s flowered shirt embroidered piece—especially because I don’t do armor—but screw it, I’m going to try armor. I’m going to try the full Knight of Flowers. So this is going to be an interesting experience to follow, because I’m not just trying armor, I’m going to try casting it in aluminum, and it’s some pretty impressive armor. I am definitely in way, way, way over my head here, but that’s half the fun of cosplay. I haven’t had any clue what I’m doing with a lot of it. You just sort of figure it out as you go along, and when in doubt, there’s hot glue.

[Tight shot of Andy’s head. He is outdoors at night. Nothing but darkness is visible behind him.]

Andy: Yes, it’s the middle of the night. Yes, it’s raining. Yes, we were in a tornado watch earlier today. And I’ve got to get five garbage bags of aluminum cans out of my roommate’s car before she kills me, because I’ve been asking all the people at work and pretty much everybody I know to help me stockpile on aluminum cans so I have a couple hundred… or, you know, a couple thousand of them to make Loras’s armor.

[Shot of rain falling under a streetlight at night.]

Narrator: Safe from the storm inside, Andrew shows us another Game of Thrones costume he has already made.

[Tight shot of Andy’s cosplay version of Viserys’s gold “crown.” Andy appears to be holding the camera with one hand and the crown with his other. Below the crown is a table with a sewing machine and various sewing supplies.]

Andy: This is another example of what I mean by “hot glue is everything.” This is my crown for the Viserys Targaryen, when he has the gold poured over his head. I made a duct tape head, and then I put a pair of pantyhose on it, a lot of Neosporin because I didn’t have Vasoline, and then I just started hot gluing and hot gluing and hot gluing and hot gluing and then spray painted it. And so now…

[Shot of Andy displaying how the crown fits on his head.]

Andy: …it goes on my head, and I am crowned with molten gold.

[Shot of the upper half of Andy’s Viserys costume (doublet and shirt) on what appears to be a homemade mannequin. A clothing rack and various storage pieces are in the background. The room is somewhat messy. Andy is holding the camera and moves it around the costume as he talks.]

Andy: Viserys is my showpiece for Otakon, so I am obsessive with that one. I colored the dragonscale leather with nail polish to get it exactly right. It’s all hand-sewn. I used a spray paint technique to get the color shift suede. But I want to up its game. I want to increase the crown look, so I’m taking chalk right now, and I’m marking where I want to increase the gold drips—down from the crown on the head, across the back, across the shoulders. I’m going to be obliterating all of that nail polish work. Well, some of it still might show, so it’s a good thing I did it. I’m going to take a lighter to it in some places and burn it, char it. I want gold down the front. I’m going to get some drips on the side. And I’m going to be using sandpaper and some other techniques to really age it, because unlike the wedding outfit, Viserys used this piece when he was going with the Dothraki, because this is something he wore to go reclaim his kingdom. It’s got the Targaryen emblem. I hand-embroidered that. Ah, hello, many, many, many dragon stitches up close. It’s not a practical outfit for riding, so it’s going to be worn at the seat, it’s going to be—I’m going to use the chalk and some setting spray to give it some sweat stains—the salt deposits that sweat gets—near the arms, the base of the spine. I have let the hem be a little bit ragged, I’ve pulled out out a couple of threads here and there, because when it comes to this costume, this is the one I’m entering in the contest. This is the one where the detail is going to be that obsessive.

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So this ( turned up on tumblr recently. Anyone else get ringing alarm bells?

Doubt it's the same person, but

(Anonymous) 2015-10-21 12:42 am (UTC)(link)
boy howdy is he playing the same head games!

Re: Doubt it's the same person, but

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Strwriter and Voyagerbabe / Allegations of sexual abuse

(Anonymous) 2016-04-12 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Formerly at:

Now at:

"This document was originally found at but is currently unavailable at that URL. The words below are not my own, but come from a former associate of Andrew Blake’s, when he was active in the Star Trek: Voyager fandom as Strwriter and Voyagerbabe.

I discovered fandom quite by accident through a simple yahoo search. At the time, my fixations were X-Files and Star Trek: Voyager. It was the latter that led me to meet You Know Who.

One morning in my inbox, I discovered a very-well written, very kind feedback. The sender had the identity of "Player". This person (the email was unsigned) had gone the length of four paragraphs or so. The next morning, a second email--but unlike the first, this one was signed "Amy". I replied to the second but received a bounce notice. In hopes that I could regain contact, I left a note smack on the front page of my website for her. Success! A third email from Amy was in my box the following morning--with the correct address.

It was obvious from the start of our talks that her family life was not the ideal. She was well taken care of but her parents, especially her mother, expected perfection out of her, whereas her younger sister Caroline was permitted to get away with anything and everything. Having friends in her shoes, I could easily sympathize and express disgust with the way she described her overbearing mother. Some prize-winning examples she gave me included the following: grounding her for receiving a B on a quiz, being blamed for most of Caroline's behavior, and screening her every friend to the point of ridiculous. But after a few months, her parents had apparently decided (I assumed by reading my emails over Amy's shoulder or perhaps even reading them first) that despite the age difference, I was "suitable".

This began the privilege of phone calls from Amy to me, of which there was at least one a week. I always figured if the phone calls stopped, that her parents would have decided the bill was too high. Or she was grounded, usually caused by Caroline. But the few times that there were gaps in phone calls, the latter explanation was always the one.

Caroline's behavior is the one thing I know was not a fabrication. Prime example: the Christmas after we met, Amy prepared a package for me--homemade cookies, some of her artwork, and a video tape. I never received it and weeks later, found out why. She had to hide the package because of Caroline's habit of stealing. Sure enough, Caroline had proceeded to get her hands on the package and destroy it.

Amy was permitted to call me and tell me why she was grounded. We weren't two minutes into the conversation when Caroline proceeded to get on the other extension, call me vulgar names and tell me "there isn't shit anyone can do about what I did to your stupid package". When I dished it back at her, she went crying to Daddy. Mr. Player got on the phone, wanting to know what was going on. Amy tried to explain but I cut her off and read him the polite version of the riot act, making it clear that he and his wife needed to take their younger child to heel. Of course, he wasn't keen on the language I'd used, but mumbled some promise about Caroline being punished as well since he'd found the remains of my present in the kitchen trash and it was obvious that not even his psycho of a wife could dispute such hard evidence.

Christmas came and went. The very evening of the day after the penalty was lifted, I called. Mrs. Player was the one who answered and I figured this would be the end of it. Given all I'd heard from Amy, I expected to be chewed out for yelling at her pwecious, told I could never speak to Amy again and be hung up on.

Surprisingly, this was not the case. The Caroline incident was never mentioned. Instead, before giving the phone to Amy, she wanted to know more about me. She questioned me about my job, my family, my past. Whether to deduce if I was sane (since I have little doubt she was told by her husband that I'd called her baby a few choice impolite names) or doing what most normal parents would do, I don't know. I figured it was a combination of both and when she complimented me on being "sensible" and then passed the phone to Amy, I could only figure I had passed inspection.

Amy's first piece of news that day was that she'd gotten a friend of hers hooked on Voyager and was trying to convince said friend to join the online community. "Great!" was my response, figuring this person would just be as fun to talk to as Amy herself. Who was she? I was told she was like me--only a select few know my real name. (Even Mr. and Mrs. Player knew me only as Darci, my high school nickname.) But she'd decided on a Net nick--Voyagerbabe.

As VB began showing up in the online circles, she became Amy's and my main topic of discussion. After a lot of pressing, she finally said she would be allowed to tell some of what she knew--as long as I kept the secret. When I agreed, what unfolded was something that could easily come straight from an episode of Law and Order: SVU. Being starved for days. Locked in closets. Forced to ingest household chemicals. Being beaten and burned for stealing food. Farmed out to the bio-parents' friends as a sex slave. Similar tales you heard in the news--exposed only after the parents were prosecuted to the fullest extent. Except that VB had miraculously been a survivor.

I never expected this to come out of VB to anyone else but when VB joined an adult fanfiction list, someone apparently ran to the moderators, claiming that VB was underage. I was startled to receive a bcc copy of the tale in what was VB's own words as a response to "assure" them she was who she was and not an underage friend of Amy's. The email detailed much of what Amy had told me over the phone, beginning with the explanation that she had been found by a young boy who had been pet-sitting for a neighbor, happened to look out the window and see through the open blinds a girl his own age tied naked and gagged to her parents' bed--and had thus called the police. *

But assuming at the time that this was real, I was. To see it written in her "own" words (and signed "Ciyerra Tallaver"), all I could think was "good God, I'm surprised she's not lost her mind." I was later shown by VB a reply from the senior moderator promising that what had been shared would be kept quiet and they would calm down the person making a fuss.

Amy and VB had talked between themselves so that the next time she called me, she said VB was willing to talk to me. It was maybe five minutes, but I could have sworn at the time that I was talking to another person. The voice was feminine but very rough-sounding, which I took to be caused by the attempted poisonings.

A well-known member of the adult list, known as Ms. E., soon came to harass me, telling me that if I knew VB was underage, I'd "better admit it now". I was annoyed with the woman's attitude and flat-out told her that I'd spoken to two different girls on the phone and she needed to get over herself. Ms. E. was quite perturbed by the fact that I wouldn't "admit" to any wrongdoing so she finally dropped it.

By this time, a girl named Melinda had joined the fandom as well; however, her true colors were more quickly revealed. For reasons unknown, she decided she would attempt to trash several friendships (Amy's and mine included), as well as the reputations of several well-known fic writers. Amy's upbringing and Mommy Dearest's behavior were common knowledge, so Melinda fed her slash stories while lying about their content. As soon as Amy saw the first hint of slash, she closed the link, told Melinda off and blocked Melinda from her AIM buddy list. But her parents refused to believe (even with an AIM log in front of their faces) that Melinda was behind it.

During the three months Amy was offline, the moderators of the adult fic group finally booted Melinda out after she was caught harassing other members with the same ploy. Unsurprisingly, Mommy Dearest tried to blame me for the slash incident. I had to tell her TWICE the many things Melinda had been up to in order to shut her up.

The next winter was coming and Amy started telling me she had "met someone". His name was David and he worked at CW. She described him, head to toe, said VB had met him and liked him. So what did the parents think? They didn't know, because Mommy Dearest assumed Amy would "forget my long-term goals" if a boyfriend was around. I could only roll my eyes at that.

At some point, the discussion of Mommy Dearest's lack (IMO) of parenting skills brought about a question I finally remembered to ask: if they were going to forbid her to date, why did they allow her to be friends with someone with "that kind" of past? (I phrased it that way since every other person I've met with Cydney Player's frame of mind will often play the victim blaming game, convinced that the victim "did something" to "make" the abuser act out. Usually such people end up considering these victims "tainted goods" and be afraid that something bad would "rub off" on themselves/their family members.) Amy said that her parents realized what VB went through wasn't her fault so unless she ever started showing signs of "bad influence", they could stay friends.

Wow, there was compassion in the woman! (Could've fooled me.)

Three days before Christmas, my phone rang mid-morning. It was Amy. And she did not sound like herself. I asked if she was all right. The response was a tear-choked scream of "he's DEAD!"

It was never clear (because Amy was speaking through tears) who was driving--David or David's mother. But the nasty ice storms that had visited the East that week had made the local roads in the area a death trap. Despite their careful driving, the car skidded on black ice and slammed head-on into a tree. The mother suffered critical injuries, but survived. David's neck was broken and he was pronounced dead at the scene. **

Contact became more sporadic after that. I called that year on Amy's birthday--got her mother, who was surprisingly polite. No call back. Got an email a month later--grounded thanks to Caroline, again. As usual, my response was sympathy and a rant about how stupid her mother was.

Well apparently Mommy Dearest was up to reading emails that didn't belong to her again....because three months and four phone calls later (Amy made three, I made the fourth and last), I was read the riot act. How DARE I judge what kind of parent she was or have any opinions on "family business". I told her I dared because I was Amy's friend and she had better count herself lucky that she didn't behave like VB's birth parents had or I'd have made sure the Williamsburg PD paid her a little visit.

Of course, I got hung up on. Big surprise there.

Fast forward to about 2001-02. I spoke briefly to VB and was told that even she had lost contact with Amy; that she'd been shipped off to some sort of boarding-school style college. Given a recent expose on Pensacola Christian College had just hit the Internet, I was inclined to believe this was true. In fact, I wondered if that was exactly where she was now. VB promised to pass on word to Amy when she saw her for the upcoming Christmas holiday....but I never heard from her again.

* - that description is almost verbatim to the best of my knowledge. Unfortunately, the email itself is long since lost.
** - I honestly do not know if this boy ever existed and/or was ever involved with her. I tried to see if there was an online news article at the time, but I have never been very good at searching news websites and did not know the boy's last name so upon finding nothing, I shrugged it off. After all the bad weather had been a big story that year so I also assumed that the death of one teenaged boy would not make any sort of mark on the national news."

Andy's racist "Nick Fury is the Avenger's pimp!" story

(Anonymous) 2016-04-19 02:59 am (UTC)(link)

Colored Children May Not Play Here

I was working today, doing caricatures at a busy park, and a boy about 10 years old asked if he could be a superhero. I said sure (after clearing the $15 price jump from black and white face to color face and body with his parent), and asked him which one. He thought about it, looking increasingly dejected rather than the excitement I was used to seeing, and when I asked him if he was having trouble picking one, he asked me which ones he was allowed to be. I was a little confused, and said “Well, I’m not very good at drawing Thor, because I haven’t got the hang of his complicated armor fast yet, but we can go with Spidey or –”


“Ok, you’re right, you can’t really see his face, so how about Superm–”

“There’s one in Thor, I think.”

“One what, kiddo?”

“One I’m allowed to be. I can only think of one black one. Except Nick Fury, but he’s not a superhero, he’s their pimp, and he’s mean.”

I felt like I’d been punched, but his mother was busy trying to get his three year old sister to sit something resembling still for another artist, so I leaned in very close and made the strongest eye contact I could. “You know what else? You’re ten. You’re about five feet tall, your arms are this big around, you’ve got no superpowers, and you can’t even drive for more than half your life over again. But when we’re pretending, none of that stuff matters, and it’s okay for kids to be as big as the Hulk. So black doesn’t matter either, and you can tell me who you want to pretend to be.”

“What about…” A deep breath, a nervous glance at his mother, as if he’s gonna say a dirty swear, his voice dropped to a whisper, his eyes darting, but grinning ear to ear. “Captain America?”

“You got it, Cap. Which costume?”

Tagged: THIS is why we need representation in media, breaks my fucking heart, captain america, poc, racism, this matters.

A friend of Luvscharlie describes Andy's actions

(Anonymous) 2016-04-20 09:47 pm (UTC)(link)

If I didn't hate him before, I certainly hate him now. Especially when I was pretty much front and center for everything he did with (and to) luvscharlie and his version of things has nothing to do with reality. As for her being laughed out of HP fandom? Really? Really?

Funny that considering she's still writing HP fic and running HP fests and generally being in and around HP fandom while he was pretty much laughed out of/shunned from HP fandom other than his little circle of DAYD losers. He was never a Golden Boy and he certainly ain't now.

Some of us still have access to the drunk voice post that he left luvscharlie publicly declaring his love for her -- days before he put up a post claiming they'd split up amicably. A situation, I might add, that she had NO idea about and only found out after people who cared about her (myself included) emailed her/pm'd her to see if she was okay. The voice post, btw, was proof that he was speaking with a good ol' boy Southern accent one week and an over the top Oirish accent the next.

Also, the accusations he makes about her parenting skills makes me murderous given that she's one of the best and most attentive moms I know. That psycho schmuck wishes he was half as well-adjusted as luvscharlie's little girl.

She also had no clue about any of the LOTR mess whatsoever until it came to light.

I've had people who actually want to kill me, who have killed people before with no compunction, for things I've actually done.

LMFAO. Unbelievable. That's right, Andy, it's the IRA coming to get you.

The Kojo Nnamdi Show

(Anonymous) 2016-04-23 04:23 pm (UTC)(link)
I just stumbled on a quotation from Andy in this article about AwesomeCon 2015 on a blog for an American University Radio show in Washington, DC:

He also appears in several photos:

Andy said:

I’m going back to school, re-careering and pursuing costuming and illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University. It’s a lot of fun, [my award] is definitely a sign that I’m working in the right direction. I chose Viserys because he isn’t one that everyone does. There are a million Jon Snows and you can’t throw a rock at a convention without hitting a Daenerys. But I have never seen anyone else do this version, the crowned Viserys. … For me, the best possible endgame would be: about the time I finish my degree, to have made enough connections through my hobby to get a good internship and eventually a good job in the costuming field.

Andy lies about his grandfather giving a speech in court & probably about his legal conviction

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)

Eloquence runs in the does Gryffindor

I wish, I really wish that I could offer a recording of this, but I will have to do the best I can at re-assembling it from notes and memory. Oh, but my grandfather is blessed with the Irish tongue…this is what happened when he went up before the judge.

“I’d ask you, your honor, if you fancy that it means anything to most of the folk what come by your courtroom? The flag, and the whole bit with the Bible and the oath at the start. I’m thinking not, and sad it makes me, and all the more so that it truly seems there’s a push by those who’re supposed to be most for the law to make it so. Since first they took me in, all I’ve been hearing on all sides is how I can get out of what I done. Me age, me health, that I were angry, that I’d started a new medicine, pleading me out of me head, this and that and fine load of malarkey. For it seems it’s fair assumed that the object of this game – and ain’t treated like justice, ‘tis treated too much like a game – is to get out with the least punishing possible, whether you did or what you did or why you did be damned. Lawyer’ll grease you up slippery’s an eel in an oil well and put your hand on the Bible, sir, for need not pray t’Jesus get you out when there’s loopholes plenty by man.

I’ll have none of it, and that don’t make me mad or senile, it makes me a man who don’t have to have no shame with his hand on the Bible, and a man who knows better than the most of you what you’re taking for granted from that flag in the corner.

Now, true it is that as I’m getting along in years, oh, I miss Eire. Most times I’d trade happily enough for the green, white, and gold, and all the better if it stood for all it should, Union Jack be rolled tight and use to bugger Cromwell’s ghost, if you pardon me. But when I’m in a courtroom, I want be seeing the stars and stripes.

It’s something you take for granted, but when I shot off that gun, I weren’t arrested because I were Irish, because I were Catholic, because of what I believe or whether I kneel when I pray or whether me neighbor likes me face and I’ve bribed enough this week to the Peelers. I were arrested because I bloody discharged a damned firearm fourteen sodding times in vicinity of a residence and sent eight squirrels to justify their worthless hides to their maker besides. Aye, and I did hit the copper. Don’t like coppers, were mad at the squirrels. But don’t liking someone ain’t never been no excuse for assault before the law, and being mad ain’t never justified anything ‘cept shooting the bastard cuckolding you. I did wrong, I did it in me right head, and there’s should be the end of it.

If this country’ll do me the honor to not do me an injustice because of me age, me creed, me color, or me faith, then I’d fair owe it the same respect to not try none of the same to wiggle me way out. All men are created equal here, and when as fallible sinners we wrong that, we’ve means and will and way here to right it again. No niggers, dogs, or Irish they once said. Hoping I am that Obama and Biden got copies of one of those in the White House now. One for the dog, too.

All men created equal, judged by what we do not who we are. That’s what I’m asking for, your honor. Not to be pitied, not to be exempted, but to be judged, as judge you are, for what I did. I’m standing front of the stars and stripes, sir, to what I’m assuming you’ve made your own oath, and I’m demanding me rights no matter how many people try to talk me out of it.”

He was given firearms classes, 90 days minus time served, two years probation, and a round of applause.

Re: Andy lies about his grandfather giving a speech in court & probably about his legal conviction

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 11:12 am (UTC)(link)
I didn't even think of this until a friend pointed it out, but imagine the court stenographer sitting there transcribing this. If nothing else made you call bullshit, the thought of the court wasting time listening to this should.

Another mention of Andy's Lost Son; A Sparrow

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 09:53 pm (UTC)(link)

1) Are you currently in a serious relationship?
A. Mark and I have an extremely serious relationship, but if you mean am I part of a romantic couple, the answer is no.

2) What was your dream growing up?
A. To be a soldier. And it's still my dream, in the sense of "if you could have three wishes."

3) What talent do you wish you had?
A. Tact

4) If I bought you a drink what would it be?
A. Single-malt pure that's older than God and sweeter than sin

5) Favourite vegetable?
A. Snap peas

6) What was the last book you read?
A. Like Lions They Fought: The Zulu Wars and the Last Black Empire in South Africa read back and forth with Brave Men's Blood: The Battle of Rourke's Drift so that I could get a balanced account...I do that a lot with historical and political books (read them in pairs).

7) What zodiac sign are you?
A. Leo

8) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.
A. Phoenix on my shoulder, holes in both ears, Norse runes on my stomach, quotes from Dumas on my forearms, and in-progress not-telling-yet on my right calf and left shoulder.

9) Worst Habit?
A. Overextending myself, if you ask me. Smoking, if you ask others.

10) If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?
A. Assuming I had a car. Otherwise, though, I'd invite you to walk with me. I adore meeting new people, the more interesting/unusual the better.

11) What is your favourite sport?
A. Football. REAL football. Though have played the Snitch in a game of Quidditch once, and that was fun. Calvinball also has its assets.

12) Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude?
A. Optimist, definitely.

13) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?
A. It depends...

14) Worst thing to ever happen to you?
A. Losing my son.

15) Tell me one weird fact about you.
A. I am flexible enough to rest my head against the soles of my feet backwards.

16) Do you have any pets?
A. A rat I reclaimed from the friend who took him while I was homeless. His name is Peter.

17) What if i showed up at your house unexpectedly?
A. You would see more of Mark than you ever wanted to.

18) What was your first impression of me?
A. He's got a TICK icon!!! SO much win!

19) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?
A. opinion either way

20) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?
A. Taller, definitely taller

21) Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?
A. Depends on the crime

22) What color eyes do you have?
A. Brown

23) Ever been arrested?
A. Yes

24) Bottle or can soda?
A. Bottle

25) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
A. Pay off debts, hit the road again

26) If you could do something and know it would succeed, no matter how crazy, what would it be?
RL: Join the army
Fandom: Get DAYD trilogy accepted into canon/published/movieized by JKR/WB

27) What's your favourite place to hang at?
A. Anywhere public

28) Do you believe in ghosts?
A. Absolutely

29) Favourite thing to do in your spare time?
A. Read/Draw/Write

30) Do you swear a lot?A. Depends on your fucking definition of "a lot."

31) Biggest pet peeve?
A. People who quote blatant urban legends or obvious misinformation as fact

32) In one word, how would you describe yourself?
A. Alive

33) Do you believe/appreciate romance?
A. Depends on what you mean by romance

35) Do you believe in God?
A. Yes

Apparently Andy has a history of using people's death to solicit fandom shit

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 10:10 pm (UTC)(link)

Among thanfiction's more interesting qualities:

1. Diagnosed with an incurable illness; only has months to live.
2. Begging for money in order to travel.
3. Taking commissions while dying.
4. Organizing his/her own con, and soliciting donations to allow others to attend (really?)
5. The aforementioned "fandom will," regarding who he/she would want at his/her funeral, who takes over unfinished fanfic, etc.
6. Using the real death of [info]simons_flower as a "push" to get his/her to-do list finished.

I hope to god someone has screencaps.

Andy suggests reading DAYD will protect teenage girls from predators. The irony.

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 10:15 pm (UTC)(link)

thanfiction: BAMF[info]thanfiction on October 2nd, 2008 12:18 am (UTC)
I would say yes, actually. Language and sexual content are exactly at the same levels as JKR, and the thing about written violence vs. movie violence is that your mind will not imagine something that is gorier or more graphic than you can actually handle. And most parents, quite frankly, let their teenage daughters watch at least the occasional R-rated horror film, which is often beyond what DAYD would even be if filmed word-for-word. And it's not really that graphic...the flogging scene, for example, is actually extremely minimal:

There was a swish, a crack, a slap. Once. Twice. Three times. Again and again. A dozen times now. Two dozen. Three. Forty times in all. More were crying, older students now, and a few of the little ones were in complete hysterics. Then again. Once. Twice. Forty again.

That's it.

And if she's reading Twilight, for pete's sake give it to her immediately! She needs to start crushing on a Neville or an Ernie and picturing herself as a Hannah or Susan before she winds up getting the crap beaten out of her by an Edward, because those types are out there, and although not vampires, they're very definitely predators and right now they've all but had an entire generation laid swooning at their feet.

A sexually frustated Andy will write you fic if you let him rub your neck in a "non-sexual way"

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 10:17 pm (UTC)(link)

What I wouldn't give to touch a woman right now, and I know that sounds so wrong, so pervy, but I mean it and I don't necessarily mean that way. But part (ceirdwenfc could assure you VERY small part) of what hit me tonight was realizing that it's been eighteen months since I last had real human contact. Beyond business handshakes and occasionally taking a small child's hand or helping Mark medically speaking, just simple skin to skin touch has happened barely at all, and I haven't laid so much as a finger on a woman beyond a handshake in a year and a half.

I want to brush her hair back from her face. I want to nuzzle my lips against the dip at the base of her skull. I want to wrap my arms around her from behind and lay my chin against the curve of her neck where it scoops down to her shoulder. I want to massage her hands and feet and watch her eyelids flutter closed and feel the way the tendons roll beneath my fingers as they relax. I want to kneel over her and rub her back from neck to hips, sliding her lightly oiled skin so warm under my palms until every knot melts away. I want to curl up beside her in bed and feel her body all along mine, the way it shapes and curves and snuggles in. Nothing in the world has the unique softness of a woman's skin, the indescribable smell, the texture, the heat, the amazing power of femininity radiated in the tinest inch of exposed skin. One kiss, one caress, dear God, just to run my hand over a woman's cheek...the sense memories are so strong my fingers are aching with it as if they're trying to extend beyond the bounds of my skin to find the skin remembered there so that the touch can become real.

How achingly lonely and pathetic is it that I've been mentally going over my flist to see if there are any single women in even the vaguestly near area so that I might offer them art, custom fic, gourmet meals, or anything at all I'm capable of doing in return for being allowed to just give them a neck massage in a completely non-sexual way?

Re: A sexually frustated Andy will write you fic if you let him rub your neck in a "non-sexual way"

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 10:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Comments from Thanfiction further down the page:

There's a term for flirting with women at work or asking if you can touch them in any way, shape, or form not strictly work-related: sexual harassment. And I've seen way, way too many guys get burned by girls deciding to retroactively decide they've been sexually harassed if something gets started and in ANY way doesn't work out.

Apartment complex: Mark and I are the only ones under retirement age, and although I have nothing against older women in general, and can even name some examples more than twice my age I'd happily have a go with, when we're looking at liver spots and tissue-like skin that's nothing but a network of wrinkles and veins...loses some of the luster, I fear.

Other in the area: No time and how to explain to a girl "look, I so don't want a relationship right now, it would be bad for everyone, but can I just touch you?"

Something rather "it puts the lotion on it's skin" about it.


I can't promise I wouldn't like to touch a lot more nerves, but I think it goes without saying that I'd be happy to soothe what smarts...and happily accept hugs. Oh, and btw, if you're trying to inspire more publically posted and thinly veiled to the point of ridiculously obvious sexual fantasies Patil twins smut, low cut shirts displaying a quantity and quality of cleavage that drop my IQ into my pants by about 50 points, gorgeous smiles, and the humping of large phallic objects are definitely the right kind of icons to do so.

Funny, remember when Andy thought smut about minors/people who resembled minors warranted a hate campaign?


*sigh* Thanks for the encouragement, but there won't be a new girlfriend post for a long, long time at the very least. In brief, I had a very longterm relationship end very badly and very abruptly, and I'm so very not ready to start another. Now would be when I really wished I could bring myself to have a casual hookup. I don't have any problem with premarital sex, it's that I don't 100% trust any form of birth control, and I make it a policy never to have sex with any woman whose child I would not be willing to FATHER. Not be half the genetic material for.


Also cursing that you're halfway across the country, but if you want, I can be a pretty good listener, 'given what has transpired in your personal life,' though my telephone massages leave something to be desired. PM if you want my phone number.

Andy drops breadcrumbs that HP characters might be real, wangsts about JKR

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 10:40 pm (UTC)(link)

ETA: Yeah, it does kind of give one the creeps to realize that in ten years, they'll be in that basement, and a few months after that, dead. But the relationship between the Creevey boys is something that fascinates me, and that I intend to explore more later. To grow up in a completely normal household, but then to suddenly start manifesting magic, and a few years later, your little brother as well...and you're the only two people in your whole life that even believe one another, much less can do it....

I think it's no surprise that Dennis worshipped Colin so deeply, even after they went to Hogwarts, because there Colin was still the one who Knew All The Magic Things, being ahead by two whole years. I didn't have an opening to explain it in DAYD, but that's why Dennis went electively mute after the incident in the motel. He wasn't just furious about what had happened to their parents, he couldn't forgive himself for Colin being mutilated, and he swore he wouldn't speak again or let his magic get one inch out of control until he'd made the Death Eaters pay and "redeemed himself."

But like I said, that's something for another fic. Me and my damned D.A. kids. Once you get involved with these brats, they don't let you rest until they've pried their way out of JKR's anonymity. Damn them all for having lives and hearts and being people. Sometimes makes me wonder about my own mental state, actually, how strongly I feel about them. It's as if they're all actually real, young heroes and heroines who were overshadowed and whose sacrifices were brushed aside to make room for the boy whose story JKR decided was the one worth telling.

I've felt that way, honestly, since DH, when she casually mentioned the grounds strewn with bodies of students like fallen leaves, more than 50 dead, underage included, but then went back to Harry's wangst and said nothing more. I went back through the chapter twice on that first reading, looking for something I'd missed, and it's become an obsession based on a simple principle: Children's lives are not disposable. You do not make them your red-shirted ensigns casually, especially in a children's book. If you want casual death toll, bring in more adults, but there is nothing "throwaway" about the death, the sacrifice, the murder of a child, a life snuffed out before it's lived. It's certainly worth more than a cheap tear-jerk sentence and moving on (He was tiny in death.) or nothing at all. You're a mother, Jo. How could you not see that?

Re: Andy drops breadcrumbs that HP characters might be real, wangsts about JKR

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 11:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Do you have a URL for this?


(Anonymous) - 2016-04-26 00:25 (UTC) - Expand

Killing off fictional characters poorly is like dismissing "faceless Children Starving In Africa"

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 10:48 pm (UTC)(link)

19 October 2008 @ 08:51 am
Two steps forward, three steps back

"Every name . . . is a lightning stroke to some heart, and breaks like thunder over some home, and falls a long black shadow upon some hearthstone."
Gettysburg Compiler, July 7, 1863

So many interesting, fascinating, well thought-out comments on the last post, and I'm going to get to every one of them. However, it would appear that I expressed myself poorly to begin with, because my point would seem to have been missed entirely.

There seems to be this sudden impression that I have become naive or abruptly squeamish. This frankly disappoints me...pretty much everyone on my flist, even if they haven't actually read the DAYDverse, is familiar with the general feel of what I write. I am not exactly famous for my fluffy-bunnies approach to the HP universe, and if I had such a problem with the concept of war, with the fact that the young are almost always the ringleaders or front lines of revolution, or with the concept of death, then I would be one of those people that Vega mentioned who skips along and insists that Fred and Colin were the only youthful casualties of that night. I certainly wouldn't be impaling fifteen year-old girls on doors.

What I am saying is that the most dangerous thing that can happen to people, either as individuals or as groups, is to lose sight of human life. The first step to every shame and atrocity that has ever been committed by the human race - from the commonplace cruelty of discrimination to the grandiose horrors of genocide - is dehumanization. Man's capacity to do things to his fellow man is a misnomer. When we recognize that someone is a someone, it's almost impossible to actually act with callous disregard towards them. It is when we forget that that our better angels fall.

This is why icons are so powerful, and I don't mean the little square pictures on our posts. Give them faces: Rosa Parks, Matthew Shepherd, Anne Frank, and we cringe at what is done and strive to set it right, because people are basically good at heart (and if you completely disagree on that, we're never going to see eye to eye on anything...true psychopaths are an exception of course, but a true psychopath also proves my point because their defining feature is that they can never see ANYONE but themselves as human). Make them groups, however, empty designations, and the hate is easy, because hate is based on fear and fear is based on difference. If someone else is Gay, Black, Muslim, Jewish, an Illegal Immigrant, then they are a group designation of their difference. This is something that politicians use endlessly to their advantage: Their group faceless threat vs. your precious individuality. The Liberals vs. Joe the Plumber.

Does seeing someone else as a human being prevent us from still deciding that they are wrong, or even that they are our enemy? No, not by any means. However, there is a world of difference between the decision to act against someone and blind hate, and it is the latter that is far more destructive, even if and especially because the former is easier.

There is no arguing that JKR didn't know that her books would be read by adults or subjected to close reading. She invited the latter by making such a big deal of The Deeper Themes and all her previous McGuffins, but furthermore, by the time DH was written, Harry Potter was being taught at Universities. It was a worldwide phenomena of which she was completely aware, and she was well-enough connected to the fandom that she knew perfectly well what she was getting into, and has reveled in that, pandered to it, given interview after interview where she has gone to great lengths to insist that nothing in the Potterverse is coincidental or accidental, that she made everything deliberate, and that she is omnipotent about her world in which every minor background character has a life and a birthday and a chocolate frog card.

Good for her. I respect that. Hell, I understand that, being exactly that way about my DAYDverse. Just ask ceirdwenfc. It's scary.

But it also means that she cannot have her cake and eat it too. If she wants us to believe that, then that means that there is no "well, JKR didn't really mean to..." It all becomes her choice and her responsibility. She chose to set the last four books of her series in war that was to greater and lesser degrees fully open. She chose to form the D.A. and to bring them back for the seventh book. She chose to say that the reign of Snape and the Carrows had been horrific. She chose to put every word in those books, every letter and comma. She chose who lived, who died, what we saw through Harry's eyes and what we did not, and as nearly every one of us are writers here to some degree, we cannot pretend that this was something in any, any way out of her control. She chose to devote page after page to Tom Riddle's ultimately irrelevant backstory and to length verbatim exerpts from Rita Skeeter's book, while the young heroes of Hogwarts were so many fallen leaves. She chose who would be her faceless Children Starving In Africa and who would be her Icons. And in her choices, she undermined her own protagonist, by making him selfish even as she tried to claim he was selfless, by undermining his sacrifice even as she emphasized it.

And so I have chosen. I have chosen to take the same themes, the same situations, the same restrictions of POV, even a POV character who is just as emotionally reserved, as private, and as traumatized by external factors, but to portray him as someone of actual selfless compassion and heroic resolve, and to give the sacrifices of the theoretical "good guys" more value than those who discarded their own humanity under masks and hoods and Dark Marks.

I don't take umbridge that she killed them, or that Harry didn't stop and weep over every death. My problem is that they were throwaway descriptors, dehumanized under a group banner, and that goes against everything she claimed to stand for, and claimed that Harry stood for.

I have chosen to say that every life given for another has value, and in the end, wasn't that supposed to be the message of the books?

Re: Killing off fictional characters poorly is like dismissing "faceless Children Starving In Africa

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 10:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Comment from below:

thanfiction: writing[info]thanfiction on October 22nd, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)

So while I do agree with most of your points, JKR does have the habit of not thinking absoutely every detail through and she does put in pointless information-

And that's where she's choked on her own hubris. If she said "look, these things wound up being read a lot more in-depth than I'd ever planned," or "I don't really know every detail," or even, "hey, guys, I wasn't a professional author at the beginning of this, I've told a great story, I'm sorry if it doesn't stand up to a microscope"....then great. Everyone's only human.

But she's not done that. She's presented herself as if every word is precisely deliberate and was thought out for years in advance, and that It All Matters and Means Something. You can often catch her contradicting herself in interviews, and if you watch them, you can see that sometimes she's making shit up on the fly to try and look like she had it all planned out.

She can only have it one way or another. If she wants us to cut her slack for not considering all the implications of what she said, then she shouldn't say she knew perfectly well. And if she wants to put herself in the line of fire like that...well, the shot's wide open.

Andy on why you need a "fandom will"

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)

To my great-aunt Muriel, I leave a pillow, that she may sit comfortably with that stick up her ass

Okay, so we all know that we need a will. Like it or not, being born has a 100% mortality rate, and even for those of us who aren't exactly Bill Gates, a will is an important document that is just as vital for a 18 year-old as an 80 year-old. If you're hit by a bus tomorrow, it will tell your loved ones - all the more importantly if your death WAS unexpected - what you want done with your belongings, how you want to be remembered, and what you want to have done with your remains. It can also indicate important information if you don't quite die regarding your personal beliefs about having extreme measures taken to prolong your life, and under what circumstances you'd rather just have the plug pulled or not.

But how many of you have a fandom will?

I know this is something that I've never heard of, but I was just updating mine, and I realized that this is an area of life that affects a lot of us in this day and age, but which most of you probably haven't considered. So what do I mean by a fandom will?

Well, it's a document that I keep in printed form along with my regular will, although depending on how much your online life is separate from your real life, you might send a copy to a trusted fandom friend. It contains:

-Passwords and usernames to all of my accounts (LJ,, DeviantArt, etc.)
-A list of the places I have an online presence, and messages that I want posted to those places when I die.
-A list of fandom-friends whom I want to send personal messages to upon my death, and copies of those messages, as well as their phone numbers.
-Who I want to take over my comm responsibilities when I die.
-What I want done with my fic and art online when I die...keeping it up, taking it down, etc.
-What I want done with my real-world physical fan belongings...the originals of my artwork, my fan collectables, and non-fandom physical belongings that I would like to leave to fandom friends. (On that note, does anyone want to dibs my box of art supplies or my Wacom?)
-What I want done with the fandom folders and materials on my computer.
-A notification to post on any WIPs I have outstanding at the time of my death.
-A fully detailed outline of exactly where I was going with "A Peccatis" so that if anyone else wants to finish it, they may, as well as so that I don't leave it completely hanging.
-Details as to what I want in terms of a "fandom funeral" other words, if someone wants to make a donation or do anything like that in my memory, where I would like it sent.
-Last but very DEFINITELY not least, how I would like "crossover" handled.

In other words, if you died, how would you feel about fandom people showing up at your funeral IRL? A lot of us have formed friendships that are definitely close enough that I would want to go if something happened to you...but would YOU want that? Moreover, would that cause problems with your family and real-life friends. "Hi, I'm Andrew, I flew out from Virginia because Jane Doe and I were friends over the internet." Great. Now they think Jane had an online lover, or get to discover at a very delicate time that OhHaiThere, she wrote Harry Potter erotica as a hobby. Not good to come all the way just to start a family scandal and/or get banned. Nor good to turn out to be more of a BNF than one thought upon one's death, and to have your family outnumbered by people introducing themselves to one another by username. So I have included instructions on who would be welcome to come if they wanted to, as well as requests to them for how to handle "who the eff are you?" with my family.

Yes, this is kind of morbid, but it's also just plain wrong to ignore that the emotions of the people we make friends with here are real, so it's not fair to them to just vanish someday. Nor is it fair to your RL loved ones to leave them either aware of your fandom activities with no idea what they should do about it, or suddenly discovering that you have this entire online presence that they knew nothing about...and no idea what they should do about it.

Heck, some of you might even want to write a "Coming Out" letter as part of that package...something along the lines of "To whoever reads this, yes, I know you just discovered that box of printed fanfic under my bed and the seventeen files of art and fic and fic-in-progress on my computer. Let me explain, and no, just because a lot of it was HG/SS you don't have to suddenly worry that I was molested by my highschool chemistry teacher...."

Obviously, the exact contents will be personal to you, and who you leave it with or whether you put it with your regular will shall be as well, but I would really urge you to have one. And if you don't have a regular will, there's really very little excuse - ESPECIALLY if you have children! I will spare you all the rant of the horrific irresponsibility of THAT for the time being. Suffice to say that parenting involves sucking it up and doing all kinds of unpleasant things, and making sure that your children are still taken care of if they wake up orphans tomorrow after a freak ceiling fan accident is DEFINITELY one of them.

It doesn't have to be a formal thing drawn up by a lawyer...assuming there aren't going to be lawsuits over your extensive estate and you're not asking your children to be sold into slavery in Patagonia and the proceeds used to erect a monument to you made of cheese and fashioned in the image of a naked Gilderoy Lockhart, it merely needs to tell your loved ones what you can't. Grab a pen, a crayon, a pencil, a sharpie, a napkin, a post-it, or the back of a grocery bag and write it down, for Christsakes (not a computer document, those are too easily lost), sign it, date it, then tell someone where it is. Just because YOU know it's in the third drawer of your desk in the manilla envelope is irrelevant if you're not around to tell someone that.

This ends Than's harrassment of you for today on matters you really didn't want to think about.

Andy & Luvscharlie drama

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 11:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Too much to post, so I'll just leave the links:

Little Sam says Andy smoked weed with her while she was a minor

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 02:36 am (UTC)(link)

Little Sam wrote to me several years ago. Long, heartfelt, angry, sad, vindictive and vindicated letters. She started with apologies, which she immediately qualified by saying, "I know you have no reason to care or to accept my apology, but I'm doing this because it's the right thing to do." (I'm paraphrasing here, but I can dig the letters out if anyone wants to see the exact words)

Little Sam explained herself, at length. She told me how Amy/"Jordan" had created this cultlike, fantasy situation, in which hobbits were channeled and the world was a hella lot more fun than the previous tedium of high school. She told me how they all went in the bedroom and smoked pot together, to heighten the fun and believability. She specifically pointed this out because I was concerned they were up to sexual hijinks with her, and she was a minor. She wanted to reassure me that, although Amy and Abbey pulled a lot of reprehensible bullshit, child molestation wasn't one of them.

It's About Power solicited celebrity donations, possibly got a retweet from Neil Gaiman

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 02:57 am (UTC)(link)

Warnings for transphobia.

I want to point out that IIRC, the person named has done an AMA and has stated that Andy was directing their IAP activities:

Amy/Andy's latest ask: Guess what, it involves celebrities.

Getting some new info about the latest ask.

I'm sharing this set of messages from a prominent person who keeps in touch with me regarding Amy. I'm not sure if this person wants their name used, so I'll keep it anonymous for now.

-HOLY SHIT someone named lonelyflutterby on twitter has sent out THOUSANDS of tweets to celebs looking for money for It'sAboutPower. Neil Gaiman RT'd! I nearly fainted. Sent him the link, and he took it down. But in minutes, they may have gotten enough people to raise the dough.

-Fuckses, precious. Great. JUST what Amy needs: another duped celebrity.

-Yeah, I saw they are deliberately targeting celebrities with a twitter storm of tens of thousands of tweets/ Doesn't seem to be working very well. They've probably already raised the cash they need anyway, and the said on their Its About Power page that they were mistaken about the $2000. They need a lot less. Shocker.

-And BTW, lonelyflutterby, who was doing the shilling, has protected their tweets now. When I last looked, they'd posted nearly 19,000 requests for money. I don't know about you, but that gives me hope that there are a lot of sensible people out there. Because Amy et al have not raised much money considering the effort they've put in. And all this explains the sudden uptick in searches for Andy/Amy itsaboutpower to my site. I've gotten searches [on their blog] from major newspapers. Amy/Andrew has sent out hundreds of press releases, and but for a few small town yahoos, every major outlet has rejected their story.

-FYI a bunch of Amy's cronies were following me on Twitter. They've now started blocking their tweets.

Aaaaand it comes full circle. Once again, Amy shows her true colors: she does what she does because she loves to hobnob with celebrities. That's why she set up BoE and utterly scammed Sean Astin--because she wanted to rub shoulders with "hobbits." I remain convinced that she originally proposed her Big Hike For Charity in New Zealand because she wanted to invade the filming locations for the upcoming Hobbit movies. And now that her Big Hike For Brittany (Despite The Fact That Brittany's Family Protested), has not earned Amy fame and fortune for her selfless fundraising efforts, she's turning to Twue Wuv instead. And putting the touch on celebrities as she SWORE she would never do again.

"An admin" for IAP denies ever asking for money

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 03:13 am (UTC)(link)

Apparently Andy emailed actor Karl Urban's staff and called him a "duck fucker"

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 06:26 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: Apparently Andy emailed actor Karl Urban's staff and called him a "duck fucker"

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 07:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Anon, archiving only works if the text to archive is pasted!

From turmiel:

OK, so Jordan invited Karl Urban, along with all the other celebs, to either come to Tentmoot or send in a video. Let's have a look at some of that correspondence from the Tentmoot mailbox, shall we?


Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:52:17 -0800 (PST)
From: "TentMoot 2003"
Subject: Possible Appearance - Karl Urban
To: *******@*******

Troy -

We have been working with Jenny Rawlings for the past
three weeks regarding a potential appearance by Karl
Urban, in person or by video at his discretion, at
TentMoot 2003 this December. Unfortunately for us,
Mr. Urban has recently transferred to your agency, and
we have to start from scratch with fairly short
notice. I am hoping that it would still be possible
to facilitate this appearance, and we would gladly do
anything possible to help. Below, you will find the
full proposal, along with information about our
organization, the event, and the charities we support.

Thank you for your time and attention.
Jordan Wood
Director of Celebrity and Media Relations


The response message is not in the mailbox, must have been deleted. But this was sent by Jordan the same day:

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 12:16:25 -0800 (PST)
From: "TentMoot 2003"
Subject: RE: Possible Appearance - Karl Urban
To: *******@******

> Unfortunately, Karl will not be available to
> participate...he is going to be in Europe working.

Given that Mr. Urban's busy schedule does not allow
for a personal appearance, would there be any
possibility of a BitofEarth film crew meeting him at
any time at his convenience between now and the
convention date of December 11th to film a 15-minute
video appearance? Mr. Urban would also still have the
option, which we have extended to some of our
other guests making similar video appearances, of
raising money for a charity of his choice by sending
an autographed picture with the video appearance to be
auctioned at the convention, with all proceeds going
exclusively to his specified charity.

Regarding the details of actually filming the video

*We would need a total of about 20-25 minutes (5
set-up, 15-20 taped interview) of Mr. Urban's time.
*The interview would consist of a brief greeting to
the convention attendees, then a few answers to
questions prepared from our website.
*Mr. Urban would have an opportunity to review all
questions ahead of time.
*All questions will come from our members on our
message boards, and we will be sending you and/or Mr.
Urban that list, if you wish, within 24 hours.
*We are available for filming 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week, and need only 3 hour's notice to have a camera
crew of 2 anywhere in the greater Los
Angeles area or the United Kingdom.

Thank you again for your time and attention.

Jordan Wood
Director of Celebrity and Media Relations

so far, things aren't so bad. Karl's agent obviously said no, Karl won't be available, and Jordan asked if a video would be an alternate possibility. Not unreasonable so far.

Again, there's no response letter in the mailbox, must have been deleted.


Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 10:36:26 -0800 (PST)
From: "TentMoot 2003"
Subject: Karl Urban Video Appearance
To: ******@*****

Congratulations on the success of the Wellington
premiere! I know that things must be fairly insane
for you right now, and I hate to remind you of yet
another thing on your plate, but I know how easily
smaller things can get lost in the melee.

This isn't a "we need it yesterday" email, but I
wanted to check in regarding the filming of Karl's
video appearance for TentMoot 2003. As previously
stated, we have crews available on short notice in LA,
New York, the UK, and NZ. If it would be more
convenient, Karl may also tape his own appearance, as
his co-star Sean Astin is doing.

Our mailing address is below, if you wish to do it
that way, and I am also including the list of
questions and the details of the appearance so that
you already have it on hand whenever a moment opens

LENGTH: Approximately 15 minutes
FORMAT: CDR, VHS, or 8mm
INTRO: Greeting of choice to's TentMoot
Q&A: Karl may answer at his discretion any or all of
the questions submitted by our message boards.


Broc -
In scenes where you were dirty, was the 'dirt'
make-up, or did they smear you with real mud?

How do you relate with the strong leadership qualities
in Eomer?

Raz -
How did you deal with the difficulties of "hobbit
scale" with Dom as Merry in RotK?

Tigerlily -
How has the increased fame since Two Towers changed

Abigail -
The Rohirrim are a race of equestrians. How much
horsemanship experience did you have prior to filming,
and what, if any, extra training did you have to do?

Lare -
How well did you bond with Miranda as your sister? Do
you feel a sisterly affection towards her, or are you
more like just friends?

CLOSING: Thank-you to audience

PO BOX 3625
San Dimas, CA, 91773
United States of America

Thank you very much for all your help!


Hmmmm...a bit sketchy now, not sure Jordan actually talked to anyone about submitting this request, it's worded exactly like the one sent to Elijah, kinda generic, not very promising. Again, no answering message left in the mailbox, so I don't know how Karl's agent responded.

I do know how Jordan responded, though:


Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 14:46:27 -0800 (PST)
From: "TentMoot 2003"
Subject: Karl #%^$^& Urban
To: me, SC Bob, John and Talisha, Shireling Sue

LATE ENTRY: 12:45 pm jAN. 20, 2004: I have deleted the vicious, nasty comments that Jordan made about Karl Urban. Why: I just got a call from Karl Urban's PR agency. They got my letter that I forwarded containing Jordan's comments, and are taking this matter up themselves. This is a good thing. They are not letting Jordan speak that way about Karl. As such, since the baton has been passed on, I felt it was appropriate to remove the ugliness. Rest assured, it was nasty. really nasty. There are samples of it in the comments below.

Note that the very first letter mentions someone named Troy, but all the emails were sent to the same addy. I don't know what the actual scoop is, but see how kindly Jordan slandered Mr. Urban, and told us all some cockamamie story about Karl switching agents and that's why we lost the video--when in all likelihood Jordan was simply told "NO" back in November. But Jordan kept pushing it anyway and then blamed Karl.

It just keeps on going...

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