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The Pit

For all your Andy-related info-dumping needs. If there's information you'd like to archive, please post it here, and feel free to link to it from the main post if you'd like to discuss it.

A letter Andy & Abbey sent to Andy's parents

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Subject: A Copy of what we sent Amy's parents
From: MrFrodo
To: Turimel
Sent: 10-21-2003 at 08:19 PM
Message: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Player -

I am writing to inform you of an unfortunate development with our staff. Mr. ******** (a.k.a. Shopping Cart Bob), our former Head of Security, has been fired tonight for attempted blackmail. He is an extremely untrustworthy individual who was trying to make a second chance through BitofEarth. He is a paranoid schitzophrenic with a history of lying and manipulation, as well as brain damage and drug and criminal records.

He has threatened to contact you with allegations, the precise nature of which we do not know, but which concern the disappearance of your daughter, Amy. He may imply anything ranging from us harboring her to murdering her, and we know that this is a very emotional and difficult time for you and do not wish you to suffer more at the hands of this man's vendetta.

We also have a very difficult situation of our own. Our Director of Celebrity Relations, Jordan Wood, is the young man who was involved in Amy's identity theft, as well as the main target of 's attack. wishes to assume Jordan's position in control of money and events). There have been threats of telling you that Jordan and your missing daughter are the same person, and this is not only untrue, but directly intended to place Jordan in danger.

Jordan is fleeing an extremely dangerous and abusive home situation, and to have him exposed to the police prematurely (he is preparing testimony) would put him at extreme risk from those associated with his family (they were involved in criminal activities in which he refused to participate). We would ask that you please do not allow this man to use your grief to endanger an innocent youth.

We know that with your daughter's history of falsehood, it may be difficult to trust people, and we are not asking you to do so blindly. does have the sympathy of Susan Astle, one of our staff members who is not yet aware of his less savory side - he can be quite charming and professional when he wants to be, and she may support his claims for the time being. However, we are willing to provide, if necessary, notarized statements from myself, Cherie Deuvall, Professor ********* and Dr. ***Turimel***(M.D.PhD) supporting Jordan's identity.

We have had no further contact with your daughter since October 2nd, and we are sorry that contact from us comes in this form, but we do not want this dishonest man to exploit your grief to hurt yet another. As always, we do promise to contact you immediately should we hear from Amy at any time.

Abigail Stone and the Staff of BitofEarth

Andy gets caught sending anon asks about AA blogs & trying to hide it with a proxy

(Anonymous) 2016-04-27 02:06 am (UTC)(link)

hey, remember that very dramatic ask I got on 25th of october, which refferred to delwynmarch as a “monster”? (Poster's note: Linked below)

finally got around to checking out my statcounter and found this morsell


[picture description: a screenshot from statcounter of a single IP (Cox Communication - Williamsburg, Virginia, US) I titled “Andythanfiction or inner circle” that visited my blog 4 times

thrice in 25th october and once 31st October

the visits were directly to my blog, no reffered link, or to my askbox (no refferal either)

once it was reffered from an anonymisation service

[link referred from]

[link referred to]

the last link shows that the IP visited this post on my blog; this will become relevant later]


apparently this anonymous asker lives in Williamsburg, Virginia and *also* creeps on other ppl’s blogs under anonymisers?

I’ll let you reach your own conclusions -_- from my end let me just say “ew”

agentsex I feel like you should know that you have an anonymous, uh, creeper (I am sure there is some *perfectly reasonable* explanation as to why your friend might be checking your blog anonymously, uhm)

(unfortunately I am a terrible floof and thus didn’t check the anon ask I got in september, neither did I think to log the IP andy used to send me an actual non-anon ask, bleh)

oh and as for the moth post -


[picture desc: a screencap of andy’s blog with the moth post, the date on the post says 3 days ago, my clock shows it’s november the 3rd

some random details that could help identify my computer have been blacked out]

he does reblog it the same day, but from a different source, so, you know, not super hard evidence


what he also does reblog the same day is this post


[picture description: screencap of the notes on the mentioned post, which shows that andy reblogged this post from into-the-weeds]

this gets reblogged directly from the person I reblogged it from, whom he doesn’t follow; I think this strongly implies he was creeping around my blog but didn’t want to show it

That is all folks! I hope you enjoyed my amateur sleuthing* hour!!

*how the fuck do you spell this garbage word /angry Clint noises/


The anon ask in question:

Delwynmarch in the last 3-4 days. About meds. About gender. About drinking. About being friends with someone "bad". About NPD. About so many things that I start sobbing and feeling sick just opening their page before I can say a word but people are listening and agreeing and there's this new one, the "psychblogger" who is absolute poison. Other than Agentsex and the andystans you're the only one I know who has ever stood up to that monster and someone has to please.


do we collate IPs Andy uses anywhere? If so I have one to offer -

if not, well, some of the Nonnies who has energy to spare and a love of catalogisation (I know there is at least a few of you around) might get into this

also I propose we collate which anonymisation services he uses - considering how many there are, they might as well be a signature (also I think he is way too lazy to change up too often tbh)

I have a confirmed use of Hide My Ass from 25th october

This IP/service were used either by Andy himself or someone tasked with a role in this particular PR war that Andy seems to be waging. I wrote a whole post about it.


Agentsex responds to the first post above; says Andy admitted to sending anon asks and using proxies.

I happened to be on the phone with Andy when I got the notification for this post this morning. (I had asked him some questions in relation to this post and he called me, so it was a coincidence, I guess?) That IP is definitely Andy; he says he saw this post in the tag for his name, and visited your page to leave you a comment to tell you that he hadn’t sent that message. I don’t know if you got a message from him that day or not. He also admitted to using proxies to send anon messages a few times, but I don’t know if he did it that day.

So I’m checking the time-stamps to see if it backs up his story - I don’t know when you *received* the ask, but the IP for the person who left it would probably show up on your list a few minutes before you got the comment, unless Tumblr delayed it. If you get email notifications, you can look at the time that you received the email. I’ve tested this method with known users and it kind of works - if you get a bunch of anons at the same time, then it doesn’t work so well.

I liked the post and used XKit to check the datestamp on the post. This should be the time and date that it was posted (unless Tumblr or XKit is being weird).

Timestamps are supposed to be displayed in my timezone, which is Pacific Standard Time (daylight savings just ended). I don’t know what timezone your statcounter uses, but it looks like it backs up his story - maybe? If you want to know if Andy left that anon, you’ll have to do some more checking.

The proxy referral is weird to me. Aren’t proxies supposed to hide your IP? If Andy was using a proxy to hide his IP but it’s still tracing his IP, then it doesn’t seem to be doing its job. I did link to your blog on Oct. 24, so that’s probably why the referral leads back to my blog. I don’t have enough experience with Statcounter to know.

Abbey confirms Andy's father was investigated due to Andy's false abuse allegations

(Anonymous) 2016-05-07 12:55 am (UTC)(link)

Per his parents, both to me and my mother, Andys father was investigated by police. His job was as fire chief and and he was high in security for celebrity and other VIP guests (including Queen Elizabet). The accusations Andy made were reported to police along with all the other things Turi reported. His family also filed a missing person report, and as Andy claimed abuse was why he ran, that was investigated too.

No charges were filed and he was exonerated.


Watchfulnonny's post about Andy changing his account of Brittany's murder/other manipulations

(Anonymous) 2016-08-21 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)

My apologies. The posts in question I want to write about are either removed, or not visible to me, and I did not take screenshots when I saw them. I’m calling in a few friends to see if they can find anything. This post won’t be as detailed as if I could get screenshots, because I’d rather be vague than cite misinformation.

I considered VERY CAREFULLY over a period of months whether or not I should come forward with this, and ultimately decided yes, I want to, but I had to wait until I was emotionally able to. While topics such as Meg and Brittany are very controversial, they are only tangentially related: my focus is on Andy.

If you don’t want to read this post, or my reblogs/responses of any commentary, remember you can filter the tag glovesoff.

CW: death mention (Brittany), gun violence mention (non graphic)

Andy has had two very big public breakdowns exhibiting PTSD-like symptoms this year. The first was a series of posts around the anniversary of Brittany’s death. I will try best to describe from memory what he wrote. There are other details I am less confident about, so I will err on the side of caution and omit those entirely.

I’m sorry, I can’t recall if it was the anniversary itself or near it. But he began having what sounded like some pretty severe flashbacks. He was spending time with Megan that day, He began posting in pretty extreme distress, saying he didn’t want Meg to leave for work for fear he would never see her alive again. She went to work anyway, and he began to make resigned posts that he wouldn’t believe she was alive until he saw her alive again.

He explained the shooting, giving a different story than I have seen him give before. Again, I wish I had screenshots, but I don’t, however this time he actually described having a showdown with Jason and the gun jamming. People expressed a great deal of sympathy of course, and were generally sympathetic, and asked questions publicly. However, it seemed that Meg was the only one in charge of helping him, and she had to prioritize just going to work–a decision I would have ended up having to make myself, so it’s not one I judge.

I’m sorry, it was awhile ago so I can’t recall if there was any mention of how he felt when Meg came back alive or anything after that.

but no one intervened. THIS is why I decided to come forward.

Andy’s narrative is this:

1. He developed a weirdly specific form of psychosis and abused the Bagenders and Abbey, and then the DAYDians until his diagnosis

2. Therapy and medication have reformed him to the point of being totally safe to resume his old activities (except for finishing the DAYD series).

3. In the circumstance that he begins to regress to dangerous behaviours, his friends are at the ready to report them to his mental health team.

PTSD can cause psychosis, and even if it didn’t, he was clearly having a mental health crisis. Why was Meg left solely responsible, as far as I can tell, for dealing with his trauma, then, when supposedly all of his friends can get his mental health team to intervene in a crisis? He initially posted very openly about. Other people have written about why this expectation of people to manage his mental health is abusive, but even so, we’re supposed to believe they do, and yet he ended up attempting to compromise Meg’s job stability (find me a retail employer who takes well to people calling in).

Further, on the 4th of July, he made a series of posts about self-medicating to deal with the sound of fireworks.

(screenshots of Andy's facebook)

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with drinking. But if Andy had the level of care he claims to get, I am sure he would be able to come up with more coping skills than just binge drinking–and this was weeks after his last episode.

His friends expressed so much sympathy and support, and Meg made the same decisions I would make in that situation, if I’m totally honest. My problem is how his narrative is not remotely consistent. He is, yet still, hiding in plain sight. I don’t think he has the level of care he claims to have, and as abusive as it would be to make his friends responsible, I don’t know if any of them really would know what to do, because they don’t intervene.

I am wary of Andy’s mental health claims in general, and I’m sorry Brittany’s death has effected him so negatively. Even if other people don’t agree, I want to err on the side of believing he is totally honest about that, because it really is a way a lot of people would feel after going through that. But if he wants to claim he is reformed through mental health care, he needs to deal with the hard, painful, ugly parts of therapy.

glovesoff andythanfiction andrew blake

Re: Watchfulnonny's post about Andy changing his account of Brittany's murder/other manipulations

(Anonymous) 2016-09-23 03:39 am (UTC)(link)
Says he's not going to finish the DAYD series? That's probably because he realizes it's gone too far off the rails and he will never be able to reel it back in to mesh with JKR's epilogue.

It may even have derailed from his own planned synopsis, or maybe it dawned on him that he hadn't done enough - heck, any - prep work to set up the true culprit as even a behind-the-curtain villain. So rather than do the necessary rewriting, just junk the whole thing because fixing it would be Too Much Work. (razz)

Anon (facebook acquaintance?) states Andy and Meg share a bedroom

(Anonymous) 2016-10-20 12:27 am (UTC)(link)

They share a single bedroom, too. It's so much weirder than Coop and Audrey, as much as he likes to convince the "wankers" otherwise. I think that's part of why he likes to superimpose fictional relationships onto his real ones, to make people make a different set of assumptions.

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