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Astral Undead Shaman Wizard Emails

Dear Gwyndyn,
Look, I know that you were the one to talk to
Luvcharlie, AND I know that you did not mean for
anything that happened to happen. Someone has been fucking
with us. Cfc is under some kind of attack, something is trying to literally eat her kids.
She sent message and we didn't get it because we were on road-now when we contact her it is like no one is home. Cheerful, everything is wonderful mode-nothing has been wonderful for ages. there is something big and something dangerous and deadly-You have the capacity and strength and power to do something. We are powerless and have been rung out by trip. Please, this is your dream-the children are in the house in the woods being eaten by monsters-Andy is down and when his shield over those kids break. it. is. over.

> Oh my.
> Anything and everything else aside, let's deal with the
> important stuff. I can and will help of course.
> I need a general idea of where they are. If you have a pic
> you could email that would help. Their names, if you know
> them. Anything that would help me zero in on them,
> y'know?
> I'll do what I can right now, but it won't do much
> good without something more specific to work with.
> Please get me whatever info you can asap.
> Love you dear, be strong, all will be well.
> xoxo
> Gwyndyn

[Way too much personal info, redacted]
We will have more info following. The most important thing is to get inside the house so to speak, and distract from the children.
Thank you thank you thank you

>working. more info on nature of threat?
>please tell andy he can step down and relax, not to burn himself out. i've got some serious >shields started and am trying to target the actual threat, but i can't pinpoint it yet.

Spirit/Astral form of technically dead but
v. powerful Seneca Sachem-level shaman, plus allies and
minions. I know this sounds crazy, but is true.

>ok. i'm enlisting some help.
>do you know why this is happening? who's ultimately behind it? that would help...whoever's >sending the ill will is a tool. i want the source.
>something isn't right here. this isn't shamanic energy, but something darker. and there's >only one energy signature, no sign of "allies" or "minions". are you sure of your source? >also, there seems to be a secondary target, but i can't identify it. what's really going on?

A source said that it was above " the
wheel" with each spoke a world and the hub a connection
place. it was a shaman/wizard cross in late 16th possibly
but that has passed from place of dead to something above
that. Several targets have been hit so far. Not sure who or
what is current secondary. The "allies" seem to
have been neutralized by someone from the hub as a favor to

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