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Victoria Bitter's LJ, part 1

VB shit, in case of deletion:

Friday, March 22nd, 2002

6:21p - Giving in at last....
VB fills out a survey. Snert's fault. Hopefully will have it out of my system now, like the "What ____ are you" tests. Do one, no need to do more.



Have you ever....
01. [Fallen for your best friend?] Yes. Adrian was my best friend and the love of my life the moment I met him, though it took me a week's denial to accept that I'd fallen helplessly in love with something that had a penis.
02. [Made out w/ JUST a friend?] No, though there are a few lasses I've met lately who have me thinking such things. You know who you are.
03. [Been rejected?] Yeah. It's a feeling that ranges between the thrill of being rejected by the local Jesus Nazi community (I don't like you either!) to the shivering, unspeakable heart-pain of having part of you rejected by the parents you love dearly.
04. [Been in love?] Oh yeah.
05. [Been in lust?] I have 529 pictures of Sean Astin and counting. You tell me.
06. [Used someone?] To be honest, yes. I can be a bitch sometimes. But I do feel sorry for it later. Usually.
07. [Been used?] Yeah, because dammit, I trust people sometimes. But I try not to be used more than know the old saying: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I kick you in the head."
08. [Cheated on someone?] No.
09. [Been cheated on?] No.
10. [Been kissed?] Mmmmhmmm.
11. [Done something you regret?] More times than I care to think about.

Who was the last person...

12. [You touched?] My friend Kenny.
13. [You talked to?] My classmate LaVelle in the computer lab (not the sharpest tack in the box)
14. [You hugged?] Kenny.
15. [You instant messaged?] Cara Loup this morning, pimping Sean picness, as usual. I wouldn't be surprise if I logged on one of these days and my IM just said "Hey, I know the drill. You two chat, I'll send the new pics."
16. [You kissed?] Adrian.
17. [You had sex with?] Depends on what you define as sex. Answers could either be Adrian or no one.
18. [You yelled at?] Lorelei, but in a good way.
19. [You laughed with?] Lorelei, who is also insane.
21. [Who broke your heart?] My Mom, when she Just Didn't Understand.

Do you...

22. [Colour your hair?] Not regularly, but if the occasion calls for it, I'll be anything from a flaming red-head to Marylin Monroe blonde.
23. [Have tattoos?] Owie. Uh-uh.
24. [Piercings?] Ears.
25. [Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?] Have the wonderful Ozzie Bloke, Adrian, my boyfriend/fiancee/best friend/soulmate/heart.
27. [Own a webcam?] Poor and squicked. No.
28. [Ever get off the damn computer?] We likeses the Pixel Face....
29. [Sprechen sie deutsche?] Nein.
30. [Habla espanol?] Non.
31. [Quack?] With the utmost dignity.

Have you / do you...

32. [Stolen anything?] Depends on whether you consider MP3s, bootleg movies, and pirated software to be stealing. Oh, and I got really desperate once and shoplifted a packet of ramen noodles.
33. [Smoke?] If you ever see me smoking, run for help, because it means I'm on fire.

Lookie! The numbers jump...

44. [Schizophrenic?] Let us get back to you on that one.
45. [Obsessive?] 529. Your call.
46. [Compulsive?] always lose. VB probably answers this one safely yes.
47. [Obsessive compulsive?] About fandom, hey-yall yes. About cleanliness? VB The Forked bursts out laughing
48. [Panic?] Look at the last few days of entries and the Great Fantwit Kerfluffle for your answer there.
49. [Anxiety?] Part of being perceptive, I reckon. World's too fucked-up not to be anxious about a lot of stuff once you decide to give a shit.
50. [Depressed?] And how. Am hoping change of location helps this.
51. [Suicidal?] Not recently.
52. [Obsessed with hate?] Depends on what about.
53. [Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore?] Thanks to a combination of military past-life memories, love of militaria, and a nasty temper, yes.
54. [Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them?] See previous answer.
55. [If you could be anywhere, where would you want to be?] London, England.
56. [Who would you be with?] All my net friends, Adrian, Kenny, and my co-lyricist.
57. [What would you be doing?] Running an asylum for fen.
58. [What are you listening to?] The humming of the air conditioning unit in the computer lab.
59. [Can you do anything freakish with your body?] Am quite flexible, but freakiest body trick...must ask Adrian.
60. [Chicken or fish?] Fissshhhesses!
62. [Is ice cream the best thing in the world?] Nope...quite the 'take it or leave it' for me, actually.

[A - Age] 21
[B - Best Quality] Insanity, which leads to Creativity sometimes
[C - Choice Of Meat] Crab
[D - Dream Date] Adrian
[E - Exciting Adventure] Going on a two-week survival trek through the north of Scotland...I WILL do that some day before I die
[F - Favorite Food] Cadbury Eggs, Peeps, custard, lemon merangue pie, crab legs, or good sushi
[G - Greatest Accomplishment] BoE
[H - Happiest Day of Your Life] When I got my Sean autograph, because it symbolized so much love and came at such a dark time in my life.
[I - Interests] See LJ profile. Do not have time to retype life :-D
[K - Kool-Aid] Cherry. Like Red Things, I do.
[L - Love] Adrian, some of my fan friends, the English Language.
[M - Most Valued Thing I Own] Money value? Computer. Heart value? The ring Adrian gave me.
[N - Name] Victoria Bitter online, Amy Player in reality.
[O - Outfit You Love] For cuddling around? My pink-and-green-moose-print flannel pajamas with the feet on them. For looking hot? My black corset with black leather pants and boots. For being fan-geeky? My Frodo costume.
[P - Pizza] Mushrooms, onions, bacon, green pepper, and tomatoes. Thin-crust.
[Q - Question Asked To You The Most] How's the fic coming?
[S - Sport To Watch] AFL
[T - Television Show] Due South, Horatio Hornblower, Trading Spaces, Sharpe's Rifles, just about anything on Discovery Channel, History Channel, Learning Channel, or A&E (am geek)
[U - Ur Favorite Song] Do not ask me this. Head will explode.
[W - Winter] Should just go away already. Hate mud when must ride bike.
[Y - Year Born] 1980.
[Z - Zodiac Sign] Dunno

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